Medical Equipment Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: September 30, 2017

All resumes begin to look the same once a hiring manager has been through a few dozen of them – that is, if they do not have it in them to stand out from the crowd.

A Medical Equipment Technician resume needs to be pretty special for it to gain a hiring manager’s attention – and hold it.

Here is a resume sample that does this:





Medical Equipment Technician Resume Example



Renee Charles

3 Tall Lane, Manchester, NH 51164
(000) 657-8585
reneecharles @ email . com


Over 11 years of experience in performing the duties of a medical equipment technician in high-end medical facilities. Exceptionally well-versed in setting up and calibrating complex medical equipment and peripherals.

Effectively installs, repairs and maintains medical equipment such as ECG machines, x-rays, and patient monitors. Competent in performing electrical safety testing of medical equipment and systems. Reliable and organized with the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot system and equipment malfunctions.


• Equipment Calibration • Preventative Maintenance • Electrical Safety
• Malfunction Diagnosis • Equipment Setup • Documentation Maintenance
• Staff Assistance • Measuring Devices Use • Professional Instruction
• Literature Comprehension • Records Handling • Equipment Disassembling


• Successfully repaired 3 patient monitors, within the timeline provided, ensuring zero downtime.
• Increased the safety of medical equipment by implementing a series of equipment tests to be conducted on a regular basis.
• Diagnosed an equipment malfunction, which had gone undiagnosed for over 8 weeks.
• Introduced an equipment literature maintenance system, which was 50% more efficient in retrieving information than the one already in place.


Medical Equipment Technician
Trinity Health, Manchester, NH | 5/2011 – Present
• Set up and calibrate medical equipment such as EKG and ECG machines, x-rays and patient monitors.
• Ascertain that all assigned medical equipment is in good working order.
• Perform safety tests on each piece of equipment to ensure that it is safe to use for patients.
• Assist technical staff in the use and maintenance of medical equipment.
• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on assigned medical equipment.
• Create and maintain effective relationships with equipment repairers to ensure easy and on-time repairs.
• Demonstrated and explain correct use of equipment to medical personnel, especially trainees.
• Ascertain that all literature associated with assigned medical equipment is properly maintained.

Medical Equipment Aide
Community Medical Center, Manchester, NH | 2/2006 – 5/2011
• Assisted technicians in setting up and calibrating medical equipment.
• Ascertained that all assigned medical equipment and machines were in good working order.
• Provided support to technicians during medical examination processes, involving medical equipment.
• Performed preventative maintenance and testing on medical equipment such as x-rays and patient monitors.
• Ascertained that all patient areas were kept clean and sanitized at all times.

Manchester High School, Manchester, NH – 2005
High School Diploma