6 Health Service Representative Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 12, 2022

An interview decides if you will be working for an organization or not. How well you perform during the interview process matters the most.

For a health services representative interview, here are 6 questions and answers that you can look into:

Health Service Representative Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell us about your main duties as a health service representative in the past.

While working as a health service representative, I was responsible for interviewing clients to obtain both personal and financial information, determining their ability to pay for hospital services, suggesting alternative services and programs, and preparing the necessary paperwork.

2. Which duty that you were entrusted with did you find most cumbersome? Why?

While the work of a health service representative is challenging, on the whole, I found insurance liaison quite cumbersome. This is because there were many times when the information provided by clients was incomplete and it took forever to track them down and get them to give accurate information. Additionally, liaising with insurance companies is a tremendously difficult job as there are dozens of forms to fill out and many aspects to look into before a settlement can be made.

3. As far as client interaction is concerned, what do you like the best?

Client interaction on the whole is something that I enjoy tremendously. Knowing that my services and insight can help clients receive and access quality healthcare services is highly fulfilling.

4. What has been your appointment scheduling experience so far?

As a health service representative, appointment scheduling is a large part of my work. I am highly experienced in scheduling appointments for a variety of medical clinics through telephone calls and by using central patient registration services.

5. What skills do you think a health service representative needs to possess in order to work effectively?

A health services representative needs to possess deep insight into the medical world, in addition to knowledge of basic office practice and procedures, general medical terminology, interviewing techniques, hospital admission practices, and records-management abilities.

6. If you weren’t a health service representative, what would you have taken up as a career?

Had I not taken up work as a health service representative, I would definitely have been doing something else in a medical environment – probably a position in patient advocacy.