14 Customer Service Representative Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 15, 2022

Since customer service is considered the most crucial aspect of a company’s work, it is no wonder that interviews conducted to hire customer service representatives are detailed and full of scrutiny.

Employers tend to pay particular attention to the body language of candidates as much depends on how a candidate presents himself or herself.

If you are appearing for an interview for the position of the customer service representative, you will have a lot to prepare for.

You will need to make sure that you understand what customer service is all about and how important it is to retain customers.

Once you know this, you will know that virtually all questions asked during an interview will be aimed at determining if you know the importance of customers and the recurring business they can provide.

Interviewers can be very harsh when it comes to interviewing people whom they know will work in a customer service role, so you have to be prepared to answer difficult questions.

Some questions that you may be asked during an interview are given below:

Customer Service Representative Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why did you opt to work in customer service?

I am a people person, and working in customer service is like a dream come true. I get to meet different types of people every day, and I enjoy communicating with them.

2. What are the skills that you deem essential for a customer service role?

A customer service representative needs to be good at communicating. It is also essential for him or her to be patient and tactful, along with possessing the ability to satisfy customers during adverse situations.

3. What qualifications do you possess that make you suitable for a customer service representative’s position?

As I mentioned earlier, I like communicating with people and have worked extensively on my communication skills. I can work well under pressure, especially when I have to meet deadlines. I am a stickler for perfection, so I always make sure that my workday does not end without resolving customers’ issues.

4. What have you done to reduce costs or increase revenue in your present workplace?

I have been involved actively in up-selling activities through which I have managed to increase the company’s earnings by 35%.

5. Working in a team or alone? What is your preference?

To be honest, I do not have any preferences. I like working with my coworkers as one tends to get more done this way. But I do understand that sometimes our work demands that we work on our own which I take in stride too.

6. What do you think is the right customer service?

In my opinion, excellent customer service is one that renders an excellent first impression of the product. It involves making the customer feel welcome, listening to them attentively, and answering their queries aptly and promptly.

7. Your resume states you have completed some vocational training program that qualifies you for customer service. Which areas did it cover?

The course groomed me in areas about teamwork, managing upset customers, complaint handling, customer greeting, invoice keeping, inventory maintenance, and management of conversational flow.

8. In your previous job, did you ever face the challenge of dealing with an angry customer? How did you handle it?

The prime challenge for a customer representative is to handle the clients’ complaints. I faced such a situation more than once where I allowed them to vent out by remaining very cool, calm, and polite. I let them know that I understood their problem, and I assured them that I was there to help. When they cooled down, I asked questions to gather facts on the issue and took immediate steps to help them out.

9. What office equipment have you worked with and are proficient in using?

I can handle Xerox, fax- machines, telephones, computers, and IT-connected equipment. I am proficient in using software related to communication, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the like. I also know clerical and administrative procedures and stenography.

10. Which languages are you proficient in?

I can read, write and converse in English and Spanish

11. What do you understand by deductive and inductive reasoning?

Deductive reasoning is when you apply general rules to specific problems while inductive rationale is finding or collecting information to form general conclusions.

12. Why is ‘social perceptiveness’ necessary for a customer representative?

As a customer service representative has to meet different people all day long, it is essential to know about the expected and typical reactions of people with varying backgrounds towards things. Having an understanding of social perceptiveness helps in this profession.

13. Do you think teamwork is essential when you are a customer service representative?

Of course, providing information to coworkers, and supervisors and interacting with other staff is essential for a customers representative. Teamwork is the key to success in any organization.

14. How can we achieve our targets while working in an organization?

Targets can be achieved by following a set pattern of work and by prioritizing tasks. Time management is also critical. Company rules must be obeyed. Developing specific goals and plans can help one achieve collective targets regarding client satisfaction.

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