25 Best Healthcare Resume Objective Examples [2021]

Updated on: January 4, 2021
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A resume objective for a healthcare position is a powerful tool to reach out to a prospective employer. It is important to stand out from the crowd of people who have applied for the same position, hence, your resume objective needs to be powerful.

Because the career objective is a necessary part of your resume, it requires much thought and planning. 

How to Write a Professional Objective Statement for a Healthcare Resume?

In order to write a resume objective for a healthcare role, you have to figure out what will showcase you as a great candidate. Primarily, it is your skills that will help a hiring manager favor you.

Some ways in which you can write a healthcare resume objective are provided here:

Top 25 Objective Examples for Healthcare Resume

1. Seeking a position as a Registered Nurse at Woolworth Hospital, offering 5+ years of experience in following set care plans to look after patients. Bringing excellent knowledge of patient assistance to help the hospital achieve its patient care goals.

2. Looking for a Registered Nurse position at Medley Health to provide the benefit of in-depth knowledge of nursing practices. Specifically interested in utilizing nursing training to assist the facility in handling its patient population in a compassionate, yet professional manner.

3. A position as a Nurse at Wellness Solutions, providing quality patient support, in sync with the facility’s goals and objectives. Especially focused on helping the facility meet its specific patient care goals, emphasizing excellent patient rapport, and education.

4. Compassionate and caring individual, with an inherent desire to help people meet their wellness goals, currently seeking a Nurse position at Ohio State University Medical Center. Eager to apply learned nursing skills to achieve patient care objectives while working in correlation with the hospital’s specific directives.

5. Passionate ER Nurse with 7+ years of a solid track record of providing well-placed emergency services in busy hospitals. Currently seeking a position at Delta Wellness to provide the benefit of emergency management expertise.

6. Staff Nurse, boasting 3 years of experience in providing direct nursing care to patients. Anticipating a position at Worley Center to make a positive difference using nursing talents, and passion for patient care.

7. Exceptionally talented Nurse hoping to acquire a position at Valley Case Management to leverage expertise in maintaining accurate and complete healthcare records while working towards meeting patient care goals.

8. Dedicated and competent Nurse, certified in flu management, seeking a position at the Care Center. Poised to work in an environment which creates opportunities to expand the practical experience, while offering a chance to contribute.

9. Seasoned Nurse with a solid educational background and a demonstrated commitment to providing high-quality patient care. Eager to work at Yale Health with the aim to contribute to core wellness, and patient care programs.

10. Self-motivated, and resourceful individual, with extensive experience and a strong educational background in nursing. Hoping to bring my passion for patient comfort and care to Henley Care in a nursing position.

11. Driven Registered Nurse, with over 10 years of solid experience in providing well thought out care to the elderly, adults, and children. Presently seeking a position at Filmore Care to utilize 15 years of experience to bring excellence in direct patient care.

12. Successful Nurse Manager with 6 years of experience in a leadership role seeking a position at 7th Avenue Hospital. Aiming to provide passion for nursing, along with core leadership skills to help the hospital meets its patient care targets.

13. To work as a Nurse Manager for Bailey’s Health Services to use extensive experience to motivate student nurses, and LPNs to provide their best in nursing services.

14. Diligent, hardworking nursing assistant, seeking a challenging position with Nashville Hospital utilizing 6+ years’ hands-on track record of attaining excellence in healthcare services.

15. Compassionate and dedicated Nurse, looking for a position at Small Hospital Services. Bringing to the table 5+ years of experience of working in a dedicated emergency room setting, along with excellent knowledge of providing care to admitted patients.

16. Energetic healthcare professional, with 10+ years of nursing experience, looking to obtain a Nurse position at Wallway Hospital. Devoted to the public’s access to good healthcare, with a strong sense of responsibility to achieve the hospital’s patient care directives.

17. Licensed Practical Nurse, seeking to use one on one patient care expertise to help Jacob’s Wellness Club meet its care and wellness goals. Bringing skills in using medical knowledge to help patients feel comfortable while keeping their integrity intact.

18. Seeking a position as a Caregiver with Care Solutions where I will be able to assist patients in leading a dignified life by helping them with basic needs and medication.

19. Looking for a position as a Healthcare Provider at Core Med Solutions using excellence in providing medical support services to patients in a professional and practiced manner.

20. To obtain a Licensed Practical Nurse position with Family Healthcare where I can use my knowledge of providing healthcare administration to patients of the facility to organize their lives regarding physical and psychological independence.

21. To obtain a Registered Nurse position with Cranten Health. Offering exceptional knowledge of pediatrics health administration and general healthcare management to orchestrate patient mobility and health.

22. To work as a Registered Nurse at Mannings Home. Bringing 5+ years’ track record of providing health care services akin to personal care, emotional support, and adaptation to disability and illness.

Entry Level Healthcare Resume Objective With No Experience

23. Passionate, patient-focused healthcare professional looking for a Registered Nurse position with Family Hospital where I will be able to utilize my knowledge of nursing practices gained through BSN degree and nursing externship.

24. To work for Catacomb Hospice as an LPN using expertise in providing direct patient care along with excellence in assisting doctors with medical procedures.

25. Efficient and driven Clinical Nurse hoping to work at High Bridge. Offering vast knowledge of using medical equipment and instrumentation to help doctors provide exceptional patient care.


Being proactive when writing a nursing resume objective is most important, as is seen from these samples. All these connect a nurse’s specific qualities, skills, and experience to show what benefit they can bring to a prospective employer’s table.