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Physical Therapy Aide Job Description for Resume

Physical therapy aides are hired by independent physical therapy clinics or hospitals that provide physical therapy treatments. They are responsible for ensuring that patient examination and therapy rooms are prepared on time and that patients are provided with preliminary information regarding procedures. Working as a physical therapy aide requires one to be hands-on with all… Read More »

Nutrition Aide Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Position Overview Nutrition aides work for dedicated nutritional facilities or hospitals, to assist nutritionists in handling the logistics end of handling patients. They ensure that each assigned patient is receiving the care (from a nutritional point of view) that is prescribed to him or her and that all the wellbeing and nutritional goals of all… Read More »

School Aide Job Description for Resume

Position Overview School aides, teacher aides, and teaching assistants perform more or less the same type of duties. They provide assistance to lead teachers (and sometimes to the school office) in imparting lessons and handling classroom activities. In many instances, school aides supervise student arrival and dismissal and manage meal sessions. They are also responsible… Read More »

Dietary Aide Job Description for Nursing Home

Nursing Home Dietary Aide Job Description Nursing homes or assisted living facilities usually obtain the services of dietary aides to help them manage the eating habits and nutritional needs of enrolled residents. Typically, dietary aides assess each resident to determine their eating habits and nutrition needs and formulate diet plans accordingly. They take into account patients’… Read More »

Special Education Aide Job Description and Duties

Special Education Aide Job Description Working alongside lead special education teachers, special education aides assist in handling students with special needs. These special needs may include emotional and behavioral disorders, communication issues and challenges, and physical disabilities. The primary work of a special education aide is to make sure that he or she follows a… Read More »