Security Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 28, 2017

Both the resume and cover letter are great avenues to reach the interview stage, but once you do reach it, you’re on your own.

Neither will be able to help from here on. The information that you have provided in either or both of them may actually work against you, if you haven’t prepared well for the interview process. Take heed.

Interviews keep evolving, which means that the formulas you used to ace your last interview will not work on a forthcoming one. Every interview process needs to be given respect in the sense that one needs to prepare according to it.

To see what interview questions you may be asked when being screened for a security specialist position, have a look at the following set:


Security Specialist Interview Questions and Answers


What makes working as a security specialist worth your while?
Working as a security specialist means that you are presented with a new challenge every day. Constantly looking forward to doing challenging things gives me a great kick.

As a security specialist, what have been your prime duties in the past?
While working as a security specialist, I have been responsible for developing and implementing security strategies, ensuring that all security systems are in place, performing security checks and inspections, ascertaining that any hazardous or potentially hazardous situations are diffused in a prompt and safe manner, and making sure that all major incidents are reported and documented according to protocol.

What do you think is the one skill that is absolutely necessary when working as a security specialist? And why?
I believe that exceptional analytic skills are important to possess when working in the role of a security specialist. This is because most of what we do depends on how well and accurately we analyze different situations.

Tell us of a time when you came out shining, despite the odds.
My sixth sense kept telling me that we should have an additional guard at the back of the building, the security of which I was responsible for. But the management was not favorable of this and denied my request. That very day, I decided to patrol the area and found myself in a scuffle with an individual who had been planning to break into the facility for weeks. This time, I came out on top!

How do you feel about the perils associated with this work?
Once you have all systems in place, the perils of the job cannot knock you down. I take all adversities associated with the job with a pinch of salt, because I am always prepared.

What would you change about the way security issues are handled at your present place of work?
My present place of work has a tight security network in place. I would probably not change much except add some more reinforcement at the access areas, considering how uncertain things are nowadays.