Visual Merchandiser Resume Objectives

Updated on: September 10, 2015

Prior to writing a high-impact objective for visual merchandiser resume, you have to first determine what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Writing a clearly defined resume objective will help you write a resume that conveys experiences and skills that best serve your overall professional aspirations – which is exactly what hiring managers look for.

While a resume objective is not always required on a resume (summaries of qualifications rule nowadays), there are some instances in which you cannot do without it. When a resume reflects a candidate’s desire to change careers or when the candidate is applying for an entry level position, resume objectives become a necessity.

Some tips that might interest you in your resume objective writing endeavors:

• Focus on how you would benefit the employer and not the other way around
• Do not be vague – write statements that say substantial things about your qualities and qualifications
• Keep your statement targeted and short. Hiring managers are usually bombarded with hundreds of resumes and do not appreciate long sentences
• Do not try to put in more than one career goal in your resume statement. If you have more than one career goal, create a separate resume for it

Here is what should go in a visual merchandiser resume objective:

• Description of the type of job or position
• Identifying the career field or industry
• Categorizing department or functional areas

On we go to samples of resume objectives – those that a visual merchandiser can use on his or her resume:

Sample Objectives for Visual Merchandiser Resume

• Seeking a position as a Visual Merchandizer with Topshop utilizing aesthetic sense and hands-on experience in producing display design ideas and implementing them to ensure brands’ visual presence.

• Looking for a Visual Merchandizer position at H&M. Employing proficiency in creating branded visual merchandising packs and floor plans to ensure maximum product visibility.

• Desire a Visual Merchandizer position at Macy’s. Offers excellent skills in creating sketches of visual displays based on specific requirements and ensuring that they are converted into full-fledged physical displays.

• To obtain a position as a Visual Merchandizer with Bealls Inc. employing adeptness at increasing sales and buyer attention by capitalizing on “window shopping” tendencies of customers.

• To work for Trek Bicycle Corporation as a Visual Merchandiser.  Demonstrated expertise in determining floor layouts, traffic flow and display points to effectively plan merchandising activities.

• Seeking a Visual Merchandizer position with IKEA. Eager to apply design skills in promoting the image, products and services of client businesses and ensuring increase in both customer interest and sales.