Grocery Stocker Resume Sample

Updated on: August 5, 2018

Grocery Stockers do what their title suggests that they do – stock groceries. Their primary responsibilities are to ensure that all grocery items are placed neatly in shelves for easy access.

A Grocery Stocker Resume is a vivid summary of your professional background, succinctly written and appealingly presented. It should noticeably communicate a sense of purpose, professionalism, and integrity.

The resume for a grocery stocker position should also focus the reader on your strongest skills and most relevant capabilities, with your career goals. Keep in mind; you can make the most of your resume by making it one page only.

Here is a Grocery Stocker’s resume template that you can customize as your own if you are applying for a job as one.


Grocery Stocker Resume Example


Kenneth Cole
12 Some Ave | Philippi, WV 66663 | (999) 999-8799 | Email

Seeking a position as a Grocery Stocker with Mariano’s Fresh Market where extensive experience in the retail world is fully utilized for customer convenience.

• Two years’ experience working in the retail environment
• Highly experienced in determining the place and shelf space of all grocery items
• Hands on experience in setting up and taking down displays
• In-depth knowledge of cataloging and coding invoices
• Proficient in maintaining back stock areas

• Assisted in training a team of 10 grocery team members in record time for the opening of Kentucky Grocery Mart in New York
• Achieved Employee of the Year 2011 following colleague feedback of managing stocking duties perfectly


Kentucky Grocery Mart – Philippi, WV                      2011 – Present
Grocery Stocker
• Order and receive product deliveries while ensuring order and invoice accuracy
• Stock and rotate grocery items as and when required
• Maintain back stock areas for groceries and replenish shelf supplies
• Catalog and code invoices
• Train new staff when needed
• Organize other merchandise as needed

K-Mart – Philippi, WV                      2009 – 2011
Grocery Stocker
• Assisted customers with picking groceries
• Operated forklift to move large packs of groceries
• Maintained focus on the job, and prioritized the work
• Communicated effectively with customers of different backgrounds

High School Diploma
Philippi High School, Philippi, WV