10 Basketball Coach Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: October 22, 2021
1. How can you get your team score more shots than the opponent team?

I believe rebounding is the key to winning a basketball game. After all, you can’t score a shot unless your team has the ball. So keeping the ball in the hands of your team is crucial that is why I focus more on rebounding skills; however, shooting drills are also equally important.

2. What kind of drills do you use to develop the shooting ability of your team?

I mostly utilize off-the-catch, off the dribble and 3 point partner drills to perfect the shooting skills in my players.

3. How do you motivate your players?

I motivate my players by giving them real-life examples of winning teams and watching some well-played matches together with the team. Being a good teacher, I give them a reason for everything so when they practice, they know exactly why I’m making them work so hard and which skill I’m targeting. To achieve anything, the goal must be very clear in the player’s mind.

4. What do you do when two players on your team are not getting along well together?

I usually pair them up in drills and practice matches. When they practice together, they somehow overcome their differences automatically. If the problem persists, I counsel them.

5. How do you teach your players to balance their games and academics?

I keep reminding them that academics is their main focus while the game will come to them automatically as they practice, academics won’t. Time is precious and I teach them to distribute it sensibly throughout their academic year between their practice and study.

6. What qualities make a good coach?

Leadership skills, mentoring/counseling skills, and knowledge of the game make a good coach.

7. Should a coach be friendly with the players?

Yes, being friendly is the key to team development, however, a coach should know where he/she needs to be firm and focused so that the authority remains intact, the team remains in good shape, and practices well.

8. Who is your coaching role model and what are their best qualities?

My coaching role model is Coach Robert at St. Michael’s High. He was my first coach and I admire his matchless coaching skills to date. He used to guide us, scold us, hang out with us and made us really proud of our feats which eventually motivated the team to perform really well in the field.

9. What inspired you to become a basketball coach?

When I was in the college team, younger players were always clustering around me for small tips and wanted me to see them play. I would encourage them and guide them which made me realize that not only enjoy coaching, also I could make a good basketball coach, so I took up the profession formally.

10. Do you think basketball teaches the players anything about real life?

Definitely, Basketball teaches us that teamwork can help achieve team goals however individual effort must be put in order to attain collective goals and also that different people have different strengths, we should never compare two people on the same parameters.