Front Desk Job Interview Questions and Answers

Updated November 1, 2019

Imagine your company is represented by a front desk officer who is careless, unprofessional and is clueless about what she has to do.

How would that work? Inadequate front office support always results in dissatisfied customers and employees. You do not have time (or patience) for that!


You want things to run smoothly – you do not wish to constant complaints on your head.

What do you do? Hire good front desk support, of course!

Yes, front desk support has to be exceptionally good, no matter which industry we talk about. The first impression that a visitor or customer gets when he walks into an office lingers in his mind forever.

Humans are judgmental by nature – if your company provides awesome service in actuality but your front desk service sucks, it will be labeled a bad organization. Period!


Training comes later – you need to deal with first things first -the hiring process. During an interview for a front desk officer position, if you find the right person, you have succeeded in making the first impression good for all customers and visitors who happen to come to your office.

The interview session has to be really intense, though. For front desk jobs, many interview questions are situation-based, since you would want to gauge how an individual will react in certain situations.

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Some interview questions for a front desk officer’s job (and answers you wouldn’t mind hearing) are given below:


Front Desk Job Interview Questions and Answers

What are two of the most important duties of a front desk officer?

Facilitating front desk operations and providing visitors and customers with information are the two most important duties in this job.

If you found yourself in a situation where a visitor has become antsy because of your refusal to let him in, how would you handle the situation?

How I handle things depends on how critical the situation can be. I will politely ask him to calm down while we look for a situation.

How would you react if something negative happened in an office because of your negligence?

If it is something that is my fault, I will apologize, try to make up for the damage caused, and proactively look for ways not to let it happen again.

What important skills should a front desk officer possess to be able to work well at this position?

There are many skills that front desk officers should possess. Good communication and interpersonal skills, customer service knowledge, ability to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously, and diplomacy and discretion are just a few of them.