Flight Attendant Qualifications and Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 18, 2020
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Flight attendants are responsible for serving food and drinks during the flight. One needs exceptional customer service skills, a strong ability to communicate effectively, good listening skills, and substantial knowledge regarding flight passenger safety protocols.

If you want to add just a few skills and qualifications, it can be done in any order however if you are planning to enlist let’s say more than six bullet qualifications, you must organize them.

For example, if you are talking about computer skills, make sure you write all bullet points related to computer skills together, followed by personal traits, knowledge and expertise, and the like.

Your final qualifications section must make perfect sense and the employer must be able to identify a categorical pattern in it. This will not only reflect your organizational skills but will also enable the employer to make sense out of your offered skills and qualifications. Pay lots of attention to how you phrase each skill.

The key is to make even the trivial ones sound highly important and this can be achieved by using powerful and job-relevant vocabulary.

Below are sample qualifications and skills for a flight attendant resume.

Qualifications and Skills for Flight Attendant Resume

• Demonstrated ability to conduct pre-flight safety checks and maintain the cabin area in a neat and clean condition
• Track record of delivering highly courteous and satisfactory on flight customer service
• Apt in implementing applicable on flight safety guidelines issued by the National Aviation Authority (NAA)
• Strong presentation skills, efficient in demonstrating the usage of safety equipment and on flight code of conduct
• Strong listening skills coupled with immense ability to reason, judge, decide and problem solve effectively
• Proficient in serving ordered meals and beverages to passengers during a flight in an excellent manner
• Well versed in greeting the passengers, checking their boarding passes, and directing them to their respective seats
• Adherent to service protocols for disabled passengers, passengers on wheelchairs, and unaccompanied minors
• Profound ability to calm down anxious passengers during the flight
• Substantial knowledge in the effective usage of safety equipment on the flight
• Fluent in spoken English, French, and Spanish
• Familiar with various cultures of the world, great level of tolerance and respect for culture-specific requirements of customers
• Good physical stamina, ability to stoop, bend, stand for long periods and work in confined spaces
• Skilled in providing first aid
• Well versed in up-selling various products and services during the flight