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Updated on: November 13, 2020
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The importance of relevance (about an Analytic Consultant resume) has been discussed many times, and you must have come across dozens of people telling you to make your resume employer-friendly.

Employers use a lot of tools to determine if you are a good candidate or not. One such tool is pre-employment screening. The purpose of this is to verify if you are indeed a good candidate for administering tests and assessments. That makes things easier for them.

If you want to ace at this stage, make sure that your resume is relevant to the position for which you are applying, so that the screening is done accordingly.

To see what resume format you can use, have a look at the following one:

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Analytic Consultant Resume Example

Cheryl Mason
525 Pinefield Drive, Greenville, SC 57000
(000) 452-1412


Highly productive Analytic Consultant with a strong track record of performance in identifying and defining business requirements, and translating business needs into complex analysis designs. Competent at recommending internal and external data sources and providing associated predictive models. A proven problem solver who analyzes program data by efficiently using statistical and relational database software.


Analytic Consultant
FICO, Greenville, SC
Sep 2011 – Present

  • Design, develop, and implement state of the art and data-driven exploratory analysis for 14 clients, increasing their revenue.
  • Build a series of standard predictive and decision models SOPs, making it easier for data analysis to be managed for individual situations.
  • Identify a considerable variance in a large project and designed and implemented changes immediately before it could harm a client’s business.
  • Create and maintain effective liaison with clients to understand their business needs.
  • Coordinate assessment processes such as a survey to determine the business’s standing in the market.
  • Perform the first-level analysis of organizations to capture key insights from different aspects.
  • Define data requirements and design and produce routine data reports.
  • Coordinate the efforts of project teams to define production steps and testing plans and prepare the correlating work schedules.
  • Clarify scope and design issues to team members and develop appropriate deliverables documentation.

Analytic Consultant
Some Company, Greenville, SC
Aug 2008 – Sep 2011

  • Implemented a sophisticated system that involved both sponsors and clients in measuring progress against set project goals dynamically.
  • Handled all aspects of project management by setting priorities, identifying roadblocks, and providing recommendations for clear pathways.
  • Reviewed project variances against deliverables and implement changes at project levels.
  • Analyzed financial data such as expenditure, revenue, and employment reports determining the company’s asset situation.
  • Provided recommendations for new systems and procedures and assisted with organizational changes.
  • Supported project initiatives after initial implementation by giving advice and suggestions for improvements.

Assistant Analytic Consultant
WELLS FARGO, Greenville, SC
May 2003 – Aug 2008

  • Interviewed clients to determine their business needs, and prepared reports
  • Defined data requirements and analyzed program data using statistical models
  • Researched content, limitations, and potential uses of data sets relevant to assigned projects
  • Collect and correlate business requirements data with initial requirements and created appropriate deliverables documentation
  • Provided support by collaborating with team members to ensure successful implementation of solutions

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics


  • Analysis Design
  • Unstructured Data Management
  • Predictive Models
  • Sampling Criteria Selection
  • Data Visualization
  • Pattern Identification
  • Operational Efficiency Maximization
  • Debugging
  • Modeling Suitability Determination
  • Value Creation
  • Information Sourcing
  • Cross-Functional Coordination

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