Tips and Techniques

➜ Before writing your cover letter for female flight attendant position, check that you fulfill the eligibility criteria as advertised by the airline.

➜ Add your skills and qualifications using bullet points in the second paragraph which can make it more impressive.

➜ Make a rough cover letter sample with all the necessary details and revise it at lease three times before finalizing it.

The following cover letter sample for female flight attendant resume will help you making an impressive job application package.


Female Flight Attendant Cover Letter Example


322 Example Street
Newark, NJ 65211
September 12, 2015

Mr. John Doe,
Human Resources Manager
326 Some NE Street
Newark, NJ 65214

Re: Flight Attendant (Job ID 878)

Dear Mr. Doe:

Your Flight Attendant position, as advertised in The Daily Express, caught my attention because it involves hospitality, customer service and safety tasks. I have been seeking such a great challenge and am positive that my skills and background would greatly complement your requirements.

Of particular interest for you, I am highly skilled in:

• Greeting passengers and guiding them to their seat
• Providing efficient hospitality and customer services on-board
• Creating a pleasant team environment while ensuring the safety of passengers and coworkers
• Ensuring that all on-board emergency equipment is functioning
• Providing guidance to passengers during emergency situations
• Selling different products on board
• Developing and maintaining effective relationships with other crew members

As you are seeking the services of a flight attendant who is skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated to achieving airline success, you may consider my credentials. My resume is enclosed for your review. I would be pleased to have a meeting with you to discuss the requirements of your flight attendant position and my skills in detail. I will call you within a week to follow-up. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 987-6543.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon in order to explore this opportunity further.



Anna Smith

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