Great Cover Letter for Director Customer Service

Updated on: February 25, 2018

Being the lifeblood of any business, customer services professionals dictate the success and failure of the organization.

Excellent customer service can take a company to a great height which is the prime reason for recruiters wanting to hire only the best candidates among the pool.

But, even the best of teams need someone to direct their activities, and this is why customer service directors are hired.

Customer service directors are hired to oversee and direct the efforts of the customer services department to ensure recurring business and customer satisfaction.

It is a highly specialized position, and only experienced people are hired to take it up. Customer service directors need to be responsible individuals with strong problem solving and analytic skills.

They are expected to develop and implement programs for the customer services department that will lead to efficient operations and eventually – customer satisfaction.

When writing a cover letter for a customer service director, you need to put your expertise and experiences in the customer service arena and your skills in the effective management of customer service programs. The following cover letter will provide you with some insight on how you can write a great cover letter when applying for a Customer Service Director position.


Customer Service Director Cover Letter Sample



Christopher Hamilton

976 Foster Hill Road, Littleton, NH 67333
Cell: (010) 999-2222

February 25, 2018

Mr. Asher Thompson
Manager HR
36 Granite Square Station
Littleton, NH 67399


Dear Mr. Thompson:

Considering today’s global competition and the increasingly innovative manners in which companies are directing their customer service programs, you need a Director Customer Services, who has both insight and scope to bring you continuous customer loyalty. With almost a decade of providing customer services and leading customer service teams, I offer you that vision and scope in anticipation of bringing your company to success through its customer service programs.

With my diverse customer service experiences and ability to gauge market trends efficiently, I can devise and implement effective plans that cater to efficient customer service operations. My focus has always been centered on performing process improvement audits which have been the secret of many successful programs during my long career. Managing and communicating performance standards to teams has led to many successful customer care campaigns throughout my career, and I am proud to be the initiator of the Customer Grievance Program at my last place of work which proved instrumental in retaining corporate business accounts despite conflicts.

I have always prided myself on staying current with the technology that dictates our business lives which is why I have been successful in understanding the needs of the customers in an efficient way and can communicate the same to my department in a manner that leads to effective customer service provision.

Let’s meet in person so we can discuss my qualifications and your needs. I will call you next week to determine if a meeting can be arranged.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Christopher Hamilton

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