Cosmetology Student Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 18, 2021
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One of the most daunting things, when you are just a rookie in a world of experts, is writing a cover as a cosmetology student. Little or no experience at this level can kill any confidence that you may have had and your morale may just plunge deep into a crevice. Not very encouraging, is it?

Wait. There is good news as well. Cover letter writing may seem scary and overwhelming when you have to do it for the first time but there are ways to counter this.

Leave cover letters for a bit and think what was it that I excelled at while in school? If there is just one thing that you excelled at, write it down on a piece of paper and you can build upon it solely when you write your cover letter. If there were more than one, you have a lot to play with. Experience in an actual environment is not necessary for an entry-level job, but it does add to your profile if you have worked (even as an intern) at someplace.

Never underestimate the power of a volunteer position or an internship. If you mention these on your cover letter, you make yourself come across as someone who knows the professional world and will not need training (or too much of it) in an actual setting.

Enough advice. Let’s look at the following cover letter sample for a cosmetology student for reference:

Cosmetology Student Cover Letter Sample

Carrie Fisher
52 Some Ave
Conway, AR 71210
(000) 222-1412
Carrie @ email . com

March 18, 2021

Ms. Patricia Fox
Salon Manager
Amazing Lash Studio
7336 Tilk Road
Conway, AR 78965

Dear Ms. Fox:

The changing trends in beauty requires deviations in the way clients are handled as well. With so many different ways and products that are now used to provide salon clients with opportunities to change and enhance their appearances, it is necessary to acquire the services of a new graduate cosmetology student. I am your person. Let me explain why.

Having held an internship at one of the largest salons in the city – Great Clips – I have what it takes to understand clients’ diverse cosmetology needs and provide them with viable solutions. Analyzing clients’ facial features to determine the type of hairstyles that will suit them best is my niche. At Great Clips, I was responsible for increasing sales of their retail products by 52% (within the 2 months of my internship) through exceptional up-selling and marketing techniques.

With a fresh outlook on the beauty needs of “now”, I will be an asset to Amazing Lash Studio. I will call you for an interview soon and can be contacted at (000) 222-1412 if you need additional information regarding my suitability for a cosmetologist position at your salon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Carrie Fisher

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