Mechanical Engineer Resume Objective Examples

Updated November 21, 2016

An objective is the crowning glory of a resume. Without one, a resume often fails to impress a hiring manager. The reason that many people insist on including an objective in a resume is that the beginning of any document is crucial to its success. Since resumes are basically written to impress upon the hiring manager that you are an excellent contender for a job, they are important.

Unfortunately, not all resume objectives are dressed to impress. Some actually leave a bad taste in hiring managers’ mouths due to their irrelevance and sheer cheek. Remember that you are writing an objective for a purpose and not merely to fill space. It is imperative for it to portray you as a good candidate for the job, and your resume as an interesting read.

Resume objectives are usually quite terribly underrated. Many people dislike putting them in and others simply ignore them by not giving them their due respect. This should not be done. You are responsible for your own employment future. Even if writing one isn’t your own choice, do put it in. How? Refer to the following examples:

Mechanical Engineer Resume Objective Examples

• Highly experienced and diligent Mechanical Engineer seeking a position at Trevor’s Engineering Works. Bringing 18 years’ track record of success designing and developing cost effective equipment modification to ensure safety and reliability.

• Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of relevant experience, anticipating a position with Kellog’s utilizing expertise in recommending modifications by diligently following prototype test results.

• Seeking a Mechanical Engineer position at Berger’s Inc. Eager to deliver excellent work processes in sync with mechanical engineering processes and protocols.

• Desire a position as a Mechanical Engineer. Offering deep insight into evaluating mechanical and electromechanical systems and products by efficiently designing and conducting correlating research programs.

• To obtain a Mechanical Engineer position at Double Coiled Works. Eager to apply exceptional skills in developing mechanical and electromechanical systems according to specific requirements of clients.

• Dedicated Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years of experience in analyzing situations to determine how mechanical and thermal devices may resolve industrial problems, presently anticipating a position at Robin’s Industrial Works.

• Systematic Mechanical Engineer with demonstrated expertise in designing and redesigning mechanical and thermal devices using both deep analytic abilities and computer-aided programs. Currently seeking employment at Strategic Operations Inc. by offering exceptional abilities in designing and overseeing the manufacturing of a vast variety of products.