Engineering coordinators work in companies that handle engineering projects. They are responsible for coordinating the clerical and administrative aspects of each engineering project in order to ensure smooth execution.

There are a number of responsibilities of an engineering coordinator. They schedule customers’ visits, record the minutes of the meetings and even monitor construction activities when required. On the accounting side, engineering coordinators prepare materials, purchase orders and invoices and forecast budgets to ensure financial conformation.

Being responsible for a multitude of tasks, engineering coordinators assist with research work on engineering projects, manage analysis and even compile necessary data for reports and generate reports too. They also set up and coordinate engineering meetings and record all information passed between the parties. Where data is concerned, engineering coordinators analyze data to ensure accuracy in order to make conclusions as and when needed.

During an engineering project, an engineering coordinator is expected to identify discrepancies and manage necessary actions. They manage the filing system for every project and ensure that all information is available at all times.

On a more detailed administrative level, you will see engineering coordinators reviewing contracts and approving or rejecting them along with putting forth cost estimates for each individual engineering project. When needed, an engineering coordinator will be expected to make presentations and explain proposals to customers and even negotiate terms with them.

Engineering coordinators also maintain liaison with engineers in order to develop engineering plans and manage submission schedules as appropriate. They are also expected to manage time management for each project proposal to ensure timely execution. They also assist quality assurance teams to ensure the quality of each proposal submission and the end project in itself.