Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 5, 2019

Electrical engineering is a vast field that encompasses much within it, which is why employers look for electrical engineers who have demonstrated expertise in all areas within electrical engineering.

Your chances of successfully applying for an electrical engineering job depend highly on how you handle the intricacies of your job application – specifically the cover letter.

Remember that your cover letter will get read first – even before your resume – so it has to be written carefully.

Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Writing Tips

In your cover letter for an electrical engineering resume, make sure that you mention all your skills and how you have used these skills to accomplish things in a previous or current position.

Essentially, this information will help a prospective employer decide how well you will fit into his organization.

You can add excerpts from the documentation that you may have created, to show a potential employer what you are capable of.

Your experience should speak volumes for you so mentioning how experienced you are in a line or two won’t hurt.

Working as an electrical engineer is not all technical – a prospective employer will want to know how organized you are and if you are capable of supervising tasks and delegating duties. What follows is a sample electrical engineering cover letter that should interest you.


Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Sample


March 5, 2019

Mr. Jason Perry
Manager of Human Resources
89 NE 7th Street
Goldendale, WA 91836


Dear Mr. Perry:

I pride myself on being a hands-on, innovative and results-oriented individual with 13 years of electrical engineering experience to my name. Putting this experience and associated skills on the table, I would like to offer my services to work as an Electrical Engineer at Honeywell.

With a keen eye for designing, developing and maintaining electrical control systems and machinery, I have had considerable success in the field. Each project that I undertake is always commenced with a feasibility study and followed by detailed specifications creation and implementation. Due to this chain of processes, I have been highly successful in creating and implementing conceptually novel electrical systems in diverse environments. Furthermore, I am aware of standard electrical regulations and possess great insight into integrating electrical systems into construction projects.

In the review of my resume, you will notice a progressive career growth, brought on by consistency in my work. A personal conversation between us will enable me to illustrate the degree of professionalism and resourcefulness that I am capable of eliciting. I look forward to exploring this opportunity with you soon.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Sincere regards,

[Sign Here]
Dan Brown

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