Electrical Engineering Technologist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 8, 2019

You only get one chance to expand on the experience and skills that you mentioned in your resume i.e. through a cover letter.

Prior to writing a cover letter to complement an electrical engineering technologist resume, make sure that you research the company thoroughly – knowing a prospective employer always helps as you can talk about “mutual vision”.


Analyzing the job description also helps.

Design your cover letter to match the qualifications as closely as possible.

There are times when job listings are vague – in such a case, you can draw from your own experiences (and research) to infer what skills may be required for a particular job.

For an electrical engineering technologist position, your cover letter cannot be anything less than technically written.

Since you will be applying for a job that needs much in terms of electrical and mechanical knowledge, use words that are familiar to the employer.

By doing so, you have a good chance of reaching out to a prospective employer in the manner in which he wants you to.

Typically, your cover letter for an electrical engineering technologist position should look like this:


Electrical Engineering Technologist Cover Letter


Caleb Thompson
54 New Airport Lane, Layton, UT 63621
(000) 000.0000, celeb @ email . com

May 8, 2019

Mr. Frank Twist
Manager Human Resource
LORD Corporation
625 Cooper Way
Layton, UT 62930


Dear Mr. Twist:

Boasting of 12 years of successful electrical engineering experience in a manufacturing environment, I would be a great fit for the position of an electrical engineering technologist at LORD Corporation. Spend 10 minutes interviewing me and you will quickly agree that I am well qualified for the job.

In my previous position with Duke Energy, I was responsible for building, calibrating, maintaining and troubleshooting electrical systems. But this is just what I did as part of my job description. Let me bring your attention to some of the skills that I have developed over the years which now make me a perfect choice to work for your company:

  • Track record of setting up and operating testing equipment used in evaluating the performance of developmental parts and assemblies.
  • Adept at reviewing existing assemblies to gauge the need for amendments and revisions.
  • Able to install and maintain solid state equipment with a key focus on quality control and time management.

I hold an associate degree in Electrical Engineering – I am Six Sigma and TQM qualified and CAD/3D savvy. As a highly competent worker, I am organized – in a team environment, I am a force to reckon with. I believe that I am a perfect amalgamation of all the qualities, abilities and qualifications that you require in a person to fill this job.

Please refer to the enclosed resume for details regarding my achievements over the years. I would appreciate it if you could take out some time to interview me. Thank you very much for your consideration.




Caleb Thompson

(Enc: Resume)

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