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Updated on: April 14, 2022

A test proctor is an individual who is hired for the specific purpose of invigilating students during tests.

Test proctors are employed by schools, colleges, universities, and professional testing companies; vocational institutes and technical schools are also popular workplaces for test proctors.

Test proctors not only invigilate students during tests, but also verify student identities, admission, seating arrangements, and monitor examinees.

If working as a proctor is something you would like to do, you will need to possess information about test administration protocols and procedures.

You will also need to understand and be able to carry out recordkeeping activities and maintain effective communication skills because you will be in constant contact with students.

Position Requirements

It is not imperative to possess formal education to be eligible for a test proctor’s position; many institutes hire people who own a high school diploma or a GED.

What you do need to be eligible is excellent organizational skills and knowledge of standardized testing tools. As a test proctor, you will be performing some or all of the following duties depending on your work setting.

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Test Proctor Duties and Responsibilities

• Inspect examination rooms to gauge suitability for impending exams

• Ensure that all examination room arrangements are in accordance with the specification provided

• Greet candidates and verify personal information by checking identifications

• Ensure that only approved candidates are appearing for tests

• Provide seating instructions to candidates and ensure that they find their seats in the examination room

• Provide candidates with test instructions, exam timings, and pass out test materials

• Ensure that candidates do not possess any materials that are in violation of test protocols

• Proctor the exam room and ensure that candidates do not indulge in misconduct

• Assist test supervisors in administering exams and ensuring that smooth testing procedures are evitable

• Ensure that testing policies and protocols are followed to the tee

• Maintain security of candidate information

• Inform candidates of time restrictions and provide them with periodic time warnings

• Instruct candidates to stop writing and ensure that each candidate complies to halt orders

• Answer questions posed by candidates and resolve issues during tests

• Make sure that all candidates are seated a certain distance away from each other

• Take disciplinary action in the event of misconduct on the candidates’ part

• Collect exam papers from candidates and instruct them to exit exam rooms

• Ensure that each exam paper has been collected by employing counting activities

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