Early Childhood Educator Summary for Resume | 5 Examples

Updated on: July 27, 2020

A summary statement is written on an early childhood educator (ECE) resume for one fundamental reason – to provide hiring managers with an overview of your potential.

You might argue that this can also be done through the cover letter. However, your resume needs to have some introduction to it, and a summary serves that purpose.

The trouble with writing a summary is that one often provides an overview of the whole resume and not just the most critical parts of it.

Early Childhood Educator Resume summaries need to be short paragraphs, detailing your capabilities, and the several ways in which your entry into an organization will be considered a significant contribution.

This paragraph is an excellent way of telling the hiring manager that you are an exceptional choice to hire because you are experienced (without actually putting in your work experience) and that your skills match those that the hiring manager has outlined.

Remember that an ECE resume summary is not objective. Resume summaries are used to apply for positions for which you are highly qualified, and experienced.

A few examples of resume summaries for an early childhood educator are provided below for your reference:

Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Resume Summary Examples

1. Highly experienced and results-oriented Early Childhood Educator with over seven years of exposure to delivering education to preschoolers. Effectively able to plan, carry out, and assess developmentally appropriate activities to meet the dynamic needs of each child.

2. Uniquely qualified early childhood educator with 11+ years’ extensive experience in providing a daily balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, and individual/group activities, and establishing plans of care, under the school’s directives. Work well with children from different backgrounds in a team-oriented setting.

3. Top-performing early childhood educator with a 9-plus-year successful track record of developing and implementing child care plans which support and promote the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children. Highly skilled in leading well-placed activities, and maintaining an environment that protects the health, security, and wellbeing of assigned children.

4. Confident and diligent individual, boasting of 10 years of early childhood experience. Exceptionally well-versed in creating, developing, and implementing child care programs, based on the specific needs of each child.

Entry Level ECE Resume Summary with No Experience

5. Competent and self-reliant early childhood educator with exceptional skills in providing safe and developmentally appropriate programs that are aligned with the school’s directives, and those of federal and state initiatives.