Sample Cover Letter for RN with Less Experience

Updated on: November 27, 2013

Each resume for a registered nurse position must be accompanied by a cover letter. Resumes with cover letters have better chances of being shortlisted as compared to job applications without cover letters. RN Cover letter actually introduces the candidate to the employer beforehand, thus raising chances of a favorable first impression.

If you have a nursing degree and training, mention it in your letter and also highlight the departments you worked. Focus on your skills and expertise which would be beneficial for prospective facility.

Tip: Highlighted your expertise in the job relevant department.

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Sample Cover Letter for Surgery RN with Less Experience


Ava Flint

87 Stone Towers, Lane 6 | 23rd Ave, Jefferson, WA 60089 | (006) 111-8888
flint.ava @ email . com

November 27, 2013

Dr. Felix Fairfax
Head of Surgery
Dayton General Hospital
Third Street, Dayton, WA 60097


Dear Dr. Fairfax:

I am writing to apply for the position of registered nurse in surgery department of Dayton General Hospital, in response to your job advertisement cited in Washington Times. Being an enthusiastic registered nurse with two years’ hands-on experience distributed equally among medical and surgical ward rotations I consider myself the best candidate for this position.

During my various ward rotations at my previous workplace, I felt that my performance is the best in critical care and surgical units, primarily because I accept challenges and secondly due to my compassionate nature. My interest, passion and expertise in monitoring and caring for post surgery cases would be of great use in the critical surgery ward at Dayton. With hands on experience in setting up ventilators, operating dialysis machines, making emergency insertions for food pipes, assisting surgeons during surgery, paying close attention to details and communicating any important changes in post and pre procedure patients effectively to the concerned doctors, I could bring a positive change to your facility.

Possessing good managerial skills, I could be of assistance at your unit in charting and scheduling of nurse shifts and updating patient conditions as well. My multilingual ability and a deep understanding of cultural diversity would come in handy at Dayton General Hospital. In addition to the prescribed duties, I am able to train newly hired nursing staff and ensure the implementation of standard nursing practice throughout the department.

Since my proficiency and expertise is an ideal match for this position, I’d excitedly wait for an interview call. My resume is enclosed for your review. Should you require any references or additional documents to support my application and enclosed resume, just give me a call at (006) 111-8888.



Ava Flint

Encl. Resume

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