Admission counselors are responsible for assisting students throughout the admissions procedure within an educational setting. While this might sound like a purely administrative job, it has some marketing aspects as well.

The following cover letter sample will portray what skills and qualifications are needed to be able to do justice to this position. In fact, employers want to see this kind of cover letter for Admissions Counselor Resume.



Admissions Counselor Cover Letter Sample


34 White Pine Drive
Brainerd, MN 66353

August 31, 2015

Ms. Beverly Hill
Manager HR
Keiser University
12 Gene Avenue
Brainerd, MN 23232


Dear Ms. Hill:

This letter is in response to your advertisement for the vacant position of an Admissions Counselor at Keiser University. My hands-on experience, brilliant public speaking ability and superior customer service skills make me a great fit for this position.

Working for Temple University in the same capacity for almost two years has prepared me well to professionally represent an academic institute to prospective students, visitors and public. My experience has developed my ability to establish effective student recruitment programs and to manage assigned project planning guides. Since I possess a friendly demeanor that immediately makes students comfortable with me, I am capable of guiding them through different processes within the admissions circle successfully. Moreover, I have a strong capability of representing university at fairs and off-site locations and recruiting students accordingly. I take my pride in my ability to work towards the best possible solution for admission seekers.

I am confident that the enclosed resume will be of loads of interest to you. I am looking forward to meeting with you in person soon so we can discuss this Admissions Counselor job in detail. I’ll call you after two weeks to make an appointment. In the mean time, you may reach me at (219) 966-9874. I appreciate your time and consideration in this regard.


Best regards,

Paula Ross

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