Principal Cover Letter Sample

Updated on July 2, 2017

A cover letter for principal position must be written in a compelling way to persuade the hiring committee read your enclosed resume. Your cover letter needs to instill some inquisitiveness in the potential employer to encourage them to take a detailed look at your attached resume.

To do so, you must address the employer’s specific requirements in a language which is easily understandable for them. This is where keywords come in. Employer requirements for a principal job are more of less the same, however their vocabulary and terminology might differ – and using the employer specific keywords can play a vital role in winning you an interview. If an employer sees familiar keywords in your cover letter, they are more likely to pay attention than if the vocabulary is different from one in given advertisement, so chose your words wisely!

There is no harm in conducting some research regarding the hiring company’s current market position to ascertain their exact needs in capacity of a principal. This will equip you with better resources to form a compelling cover letter.

Following is a sample principal cover letter for your view and guidance.


Principal Cover Letter Sample


Rosa Joseph
2550 Grant St
Alpena, MI 45784
(003) 937-8502
rosa . joseph @ email .com

July 3, 2017

Mr. George Mason
HR Director
Alpena Public School
45 Bare Point Road
Alpena, MI 87666


Dear Mr. Mason:

As an experienced education professional with a track record of managing all all as aspects of an educational institute, I understand that success depends on the results, with special attention to teamwork. I beleive that my background in education arena and relevant achievements have proven to be a useful combination.

Here are some of my qualifications:

✓ Effectively manages and motivates faculty, hiring the right staff, enhancing their output, designing and providing on the job trainings.

✓ Documented success in involving the community and parents in school events aimed at promotion.

✓ Well versed in making amendments in curriculum and instructional approach accordingly.

✓ Adept at running the administrative machinery in compliance with standard policies and curricular specifications issued by the state, updating the same with approval, based on modern methods of teaching.

I can’t wait to share some plans I have in mind to use my expertise effectively to make a solid contribution to Alpena Public School. Please contact me at the number given below to schedule an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,


Rosa Joseph

(003) 937-8502