Assistant Principal Cover Letter Sample

Updated July 14, 2017

Good cover letters for assistant principal position are not those that are long and sketchy.

In fact, good cover letters are ones that are exceptional at communicating a candidate’s abilities in an eloquent manner.

Writing a cover letter is especially challenging when you are writing it the first time – but even if you have had some experience in writing them, you may not find them to be too easy.

Why? Well, each cover letter is different – that is, you need to write each cover letter in a different manner, and it may become somewhat overwhelming. Do not worry about it though. Just make sure that your cover letter is informative.

There is very little effort in writing a cover letter IF you know what you need to write in one. Mention of skills, qualifications, competencies and accomplishments is imperative. But if you do not put in your academic information and experience, you will not be judged for it.

Take a look at the following sample:


Assistant Principal Cover Letter Example



658 Alex Street West
Adamsville, AL 54211

July 14, 2017

Mr. Edward Smith
Human Resource Manager
The East End School System
1230 Hazelwood Road
Adamsville, AL 35005


Dear Mr. Smith:

Leading an education system is one of the most challenging things in the world, as a solid one dictates the future of generations to come. You will be pleased to know that I have been leading one of the largest and most successful school systems in the state – St. Paul’s High School – for over 3 years now.

As an assistant principal, my contribution to the school has been quite elaborate. From assisting the principal in developing and implementing curriculum, to making sure that all administrative tasks are handled in a manner that supports academic excellence, I have been a great contributor to my existing place of work.

In addition to performing the standard work of an assistant principal, I have been highly active in organizing school events, and inter-school activities, which have earned St. Paul’s High School a great name in the community.

Hoping to bring academic excellence to The East End School System, I invite you to review my resume, which is enclosed with this letter. I am positive that once you have been through the list of accomplishments that I have to my name, you will agree that I am indeed a great contender to represent your school as an assistant principal.

If you need any further information to process my application, I can be reached on the number given below.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.




Kimberly Campbell

(000) 564-8575