Health Educator Resume Example

Updated on: July 26, 2021

The first thing that one needs to consider before writing a health educator’s resume is how to format the document.

Formatting does not only include using the right font size and type – but it also involves ensuring that the layout of the resume is readable, with plenty of white space in between sections to facilitate reading.

Resumes are necessary documents, and you cannot do without creating a perfect one, as you are highly judged as a candidate from the way you write your resume.

Make no mistakes! And follow the format given below:

Health Educator Resume Sample

Harrison Lord
56 Lee Avenue, Huntington, WV 55252
(000) 141-7478
har.lor @ email . com


Highly motivated and competent health educator with a strong vision to develop and foster relationships with organizations and individuals interested in public healthcare. Excellent skills in finding health services and information for people. Focused on the reliability of programs and suitability according to each’s needs.
Proficient in:
• Collaborating with health specialists and civic groups to determine the health needs of the community and correlating available services.
• Designing, developing, and implementing healthcare programs to provide community members with available information.
• Conducting health needs assessments and surveys to determine community health issues.
• Providing one-on-one education and counseling regarding good oral hygiene and basic nutrition.


Health Educator
Inova Health, Huntington, WV
May 2015 – Present
• Reduce community health problems, particularly autoimmune diseases by implementing core nutrition plans
• Plan and lead a series of health activities, both physical and mental, with a membership of over 1200 participants
• Determine the health needs of the community and developed correlating programs
• Implement and manage health education strategies and interventions
• Assess members’ needs for health education and provide them with correlating services
• Develop, monitor, and assess health communication interventions and policies
• Serve as a health education resource for community services

Health Educator
AAA Hospital, Huntington, WV
Oct 2005 – May 2015
• Created and implemented a children’s nutrition plan, especially for preterm babies, resulting in their overall wellness
• Developed a large library of educational materials on health problems and effective remedies through proper nutrition and physical activities
• Developed and implemented outreach programs to meet the individual needs of communities and members
• Supervised and trained staff to provide health information to community members
• Created educational materials to provide members with information on available health services
• Ensured that all community members had access to healthcare services that they require

Health Education Volunteer
La Clinica, Huntington, WV
Jan 2005 – Aug 2005
• Performed research activities to determine community members’ health needs
• Assisted in developing and implementing core health education programs to help members meet their health requirements
• Conducted workshops and seminars on the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing
• Created educational materials on health to keep members abreast of health issues and ways to counter them
• Assisted in preparing and implementing outreach programs to provide access to health information to the community

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences

• Health Counseling • Preventative Education
• Outreach Programs • Health Activities Planning
• Wellness Plan Development • Educational Materials
• Needs Assessment • Nutrition Planning
• Effectiveness Evaluation • Data Analysis
• Health Advocacy • Service Access