Transit Bus Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 27, 2015

It is not fair to judge a book by its cover but sadly, that is exactly what happens in the employment world. Resumes are judged by the cover letters that they come with, so you can imagine the importance of a good cover letter here. Cover letters have to be great and for them to be this way, they need your full attention.

By giving all that you have, you are doing no one but yourself a great favor. The life of a resume is short but a cover letter lives quite long, especially if it has been written to impress. Should you use strong language in a transit bus driver cover letter? For sure! Strong language is what will get you noticed. By strong, we do not mean inappropriate words – when you write a cover letter you are trying to make a point, which is why your choice of words is important.

Go all out if you have to. Without using language that will offend the employer, you can actually make quite a mark. How? By being witty or humorous, you can win your audience. It always works.

For a sample cover letter for a transit bus driver resume, refer below:


Transit Bus Driver Cover Letter Sample


99 Maple Street
Newark, DE 11201

November 27, 2015

Mr. Eric Ferguson
Hiring Manager
First Group
672 Neptune Road
Newark, DE 12565


Dear Mr. Ferguson:

Review of your company’s recruiting literature piqued my interest in working for you as a transit bus driver. The idea of driving transit vehicles on a rotating shift sounds like a perfect fit for my experience and career goals. Please allow me to explain how:

• Unmatched talent in utilizing the GPS to map short and safe bus routes with a view to beat the traffic and efficiently meet schedules
• Able to handle road emergencies such as accidents and breakdowns by employing tact and calm, directed at resolving issues
• Successful experience in handling onboard problems such as fight breakouts and unruly passengers
• Hands-on experience in performing preventative maintenance on transit vehicles to ensure low wear and tear

I would be pleased to have the opportunity to interview with you, and hope you will give the enclosed resume a favorable consideration. I will call next Monday to determine an empty pocket in your schedule so that we can meet. In the interim, you may contact me at either (666) 666-6666 or arthurjenson @ myemail. com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Arthur Jenson

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