Top 5 Objectives for Pizza Delivery Driver Resume

Updated August 29, 2021
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A pizza delivery driver is the second person the public has contact with a restaurant when they phone in for food to be delivered. The first of course is the person who answers the phone.

As a pizza delivery driver, your job is a critical one, because you have to uphold the first impression the customer has had, or repair the impression if the first one has been a bad one.

You will need to collect the pizza to be delivered; think about the route you’re going to take to the delivery place; get on the bike and drive there; be rather good at fixing the bike if something should happen to it on the way. You need to know industry regulations and be able to handle invoices.

You must know traffic rules and be a good driver and have a great sense of timing. Having a pleasant personality is important too.

Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Objective Examples

1. Energetic professional seeking a position as a Pizza Delivery Driver. Passionate to use exceptional driving skills, knowledge of city routes, and industry regulations to deliver orders to clients in the minimum possible time.

2. A position of Delivery Driver with Mac’s Pizza where I will be able to contribute to the company’s growth by using my experience of delivering food and a good sense of urgency.

3. To obtain a challenging position of Pizza Driver with Boston Pizza where a keen sense of timing and knowledge of industry regulations will be fully utilized to provide excellent and time-efficient delivery services.

4. A Delivery Driver position with Domino’s Pizza where my knowledge of using GPS to determine routes and corresponding communication skills will be used to decrease pizza delivery time and increase customer satisfaction.

5. Strong desire to obtain employment as a Pizza Delivery Driver at PizWorld. Poised to contribute to the company’s growth and success by utilizing excellent driving acumen.