30 Realtor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 29, 2022

If you are going to appear in a realtor interview, you have to do a lot of preparation beforehand.

During the realtor interview, you may be asked simple questions regarding “prime” properties in a particular area, or you may be presented with complex questions that test your knowledge and experience extensively.

You never know what you will be asked precisely, but if you can cover the entire ground, you will be at peace during the grilling session.

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Here are some interview questions that you are bound to come across when appearing for an interview for this position:

Realtor Interview Questions and Answers

1. As a realtor, what do you feel are your primary responsibilities toward a client?

The primary responsibility we have towards a client is protecting and promoting their interests. Keeping information that clients provide to us confidential is another responsibility that we as realtors feel strongly about.

2. How do you ensure client satisfaction? What duties do you perform to promote their interests?

Conferring with clients in detail about their needs is the first step to their satisfaction. Once I know what it is that the client is looking for, I design a sound plan to achieve what the client wants. It can be something as simple as coming up with a list of repairs or cosmetic work that a client’s property needs to more complex matters such as negotiating prices on the client’s behalf.

3. Name some of the tools that you use to market a client’s property.

There are many avenues that I explore as far as marketing tools are concerned. Depending on the dynamics of each situation, I adopt one or more of the following:

• Advertising through media appropriate for property sale and purchase
• Tapping local and regional marketing networks
• Taking advantage of Multiple Listing Services
• Performing virtual tours
• Using tools available only to realtors (NAR members)

4. Once an offer is accepted by a client, what areas need to be taken into consideration for the deal to be closed?

Property appraisals, surveys, home inspections, and financing avenues need to be taken into account before a deal is closed.

5. What are the qualities that make you a good realtor?

Attention to detail, being a good listener and negotiator, and being an effective problem solver are the qualities that make me a good realtor.

6. What are the basic questions you ask your clients to make sure that their needs are met?

I ask questions about their budget, requirements, lifestyle preferences, size of family, neighborhood preference, specific locality of interest, profession, etc.

7. What do you enjoy most while working as a realtor?

I enjoy the part where I survey the houses and shortlist the suitable ones. It’s like a puzzle to me and I enjoy finding a home that’s the right fit for any particular client.

8. Why should we hire you?

I possess the exact skill set you require in the ideal candidate. Having 3+ years of experience in the field, I am familiar with the market and I bring a strong social network of builders and investors who trust me for guidance when it comes to investment in property.

9. Highlight some of your previous achievements as a realtor?

I closed 14 deals in the previous month and exceeded my sales targets by 20%. I also helped the firm handle a very difficult corporate client which led to securing a long-term contract.

10. How do you handle difficult clients?

By investing time in understanding the client first and developing a good rapport. I answer my client’s questions in detail and make sure they are satisfied, no matter how difficult the clients are.

11. What do you do to develop a client base?

I am very active on social media and I utilize Instagram, Facebook, and Google marketing tools to develop and extend my client base on daily basis. I also maintain good PR with builders and investors for this purpose.

12. How do you manage your time?

I plan ahead and make proper appointments and keep schedules so as not to waste the time of any party and meet all deadlines in an organized manner.

13. How many houses did you sell last month?

I sold 8 houses in the last month and also got awarded realtor of the month by the firm.

14. What are the top three skills that a realtor must have in order to succeed?

Interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, and social networking

15. Share an experience where you handled a difficult client?

2 months back I had a client that was particularly difficult. His demands kept changing and he was not sure what he wanted. I resolved the issue by sitting with him and interviewing him at his time of convenience, then together we agreed upon what to look for, and finally, I was able to close the deal.

16. What do you do to keep the clients focused during house visits?

I plan the house tour in detail and make my notes before inviting them to visit. I highlight and point out the exact things they are looking for during the visits and that keeps them engaged and focused.

17. What kind of houses are you comfortable selling?

A deal is a deal, be it Villas, apartments, or small houses, I’m comfortable with all kinds of houses and possess in-depth knowledge regarding the buying and selling laws for all kinds of houses.

18. Why did you choose this profession?

I chose the real estate field because I enjoy finding the right house for people based on their expectations within their resources.

19. What kind of company do you want to work for?

I am eager to work in a collaborative environment; that offers marketing support, growth, and learning.

20. How do you manage your appointments?

I pre-plan all visits in an organized manner and do my research; then I schedule all appointments as per the availability of both parties.

21. If you had to sell a property in a neighborhood you’ve never been to before, what would you do?

I would conduct an in-depth survey of the area, check the property laws applicable in the area under question, meet a few people already in the field, and develop a knowledge base before I start working.

22. What kind of a house would you suggest for a young couple?

Each audience is unique. Before suggesting anything, I would interview them, and gain insight into their lifestyle then I would suggest an apartment or villa as per their budget and preferences.

23. Tell us about your training and experience that qualifies you as a realtor?

I finished my realtor school education 3 years ago and obtained my license. I’ve worked as a listing as well as selling agent previously.

24. What are the main steps you follow while making a sale?

Initial meetings, conducting home surveys, shortlisting properties, and visiting are the main steps.

25. How do you prepare properties for open house events?

Staging and marketing are the keys to successful open house events. I stage the property in an appealing manner so as to attract the target audience and utilize various marketing techniques to promote the event.

26. Tell me about your achievements as a realtor?

For the past 3 consecutive years, I earned the employee of the year award by making maximum sales and exceeding the yearly targets. I also handled a difficult case related to a commercial building for my previous employer.

27. Do you prefer working independently or as part of a group? And why?

When working as part of a group one always gets more opportunities to learn and grow, so I prefer working as part of a group where possible.

28. Describe your most challenging project so far. How did you deal with it?

It was finding a home for 2 families living together, comprising 13 members. It was difficult to find a home that had something for everyone and that too on a very limited budget; but after thorough research, a lot of negotiation, and hard work I was able to find such property.

29. Which resources do you use to stay up-to-date with trends in the real estate market?

Internet, various MLS, Google market, and other online marketing tools are popular in real estate.

30. What information do you think is the most important when you’re creating a new listing on the MLS?

Size of property, accommodation details, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, closing cost, schools, amenities nearby, etc.

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