OTR Truck Driver Resume Sample

Updated on: February 27, 2021

An OTR driver (over-the-road driver) drives trucks and trailers over long routes to ensure that goods are delivered to the right destination at the right time.

Many companies rely on the expertise of an OTR driver to deliver their goods from one place to another.

OTR truck drivers need to possess a valid driver’s license to obtain a position in this regard.

Their driving skills need to be perfect, and they need to have an expansive knowledge of long routes within the country and its outskirts.

Physical endurance is another prerequisite for this position as OTR drivers need to spend many days, sometimes weeks on the road; they have to sleep in their truck cab which might be non-luxurious.

Sample Resume for OTR Truck Driver Position

Benjamin Frank
482 Crystal Way, Denver, CO 801992
(000) 999-9999
frank @ email . com


A physically agile truck driver with 13 years of experience working “over the road”. Expansive knowledge of the directives provided by the Department of Transportation and local regulations. Track record of working out long routes using GPS and traffic information systems

✓ Trained a group of co-drivers to work long routes as OTR drivers in a minimal allotted time.
✓ Reached delivery goals constantly for the previous four years and awarded three awards of excellence.
✓ Introduced and implemented a program coined “Long Route Safety” which served as road rules for OTR drivers.


OTR Truck Driver | 06/2008 – Present
Schneider, Denver, CO
• Drove heavy-duty trucks and trailers over long routes
• Plan long trips in order to mesh in breaks, fuel stops, and weather conditions
• Chart out the appropriate route using maps and GPS
• Assist with loading and unloading goods onto the truck
• Ensure that all freight paperwork is on order and that goods are secured safely
• Collect freight charges as instructed on papers
• Check shipping papers to familiarize self with the nature of items and any hazardous materials onboard
• Ensure timely delivery of goods to the consignee
• Take signatures of the consignee on delivery papers
• Inspect vehicle to ensure that it is in proper working condition before venturing on a long route
• Troubleshoot any problems with the vehicle along the way

Loader | 01/2007 – 05/ 2008
Enterprise Freight Forwarders, Denver, CO
• Loaded and unloaded freight onto trucks
• Ensured appropriate packaging and seals of the outgoing shipment
• Made sure that all shipping papers are in order
• Performed manual movement of boxes from storage area to the delivery pallet
• Drove short-haul delivery trucks and forklifts

Graduate: March High School, Denver, CO

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