Over the Road Truck Driver Resume Sample

Updated on: February 27, 2021

An over the road truck driver is an individual who drives delivery trucks on long routes, to ensure that items and goods are delivered in a timely manner.

The work is tiring, as one often has to drive between cities and states, which is why not everyone is cut out for it. But if this is the work that you want to do, you might want to keep reading this page.

Resumes for Over the Road Truck Driver job are written in many different ways, but not all of them are acceptable to hiring managers.

If you want yours to be, take a look at the following sample:

Over the Road Truck Driver Resume Example

Nathan Packman
288 Griffin Street, Hilo, HI 12802
(000) 298-5547


Competent, qualified, and resourceful Driver with 11+ years of experience working as an OTR driver and helper. Highly efficient in handling transportation of goods and items within cities, and between cities and states. Demonstrated ability to handle the maintenance and repair of assigned delivery trucks. Known to map short and safe routes to destinations, using standard maps and GPS.

• Successfully managed 2 interstate hauls in 2 days, as part of a marathon delivery project.
• Introduced the concept of using the GPS, making navigation much easier than it was before.
• Implemented a core preventative maintenance system, which resulted in fewer incidents of a vehicle breakdown.
• Trained 30 other trick drivers in handling their duties on long hauls, as part of their induction program.

✓ Preventative Maintenance
✓ Route Mapping
✓ Loading Assistance
✓ Emergency Handling
✓ Log Maintenance
✓ DOT Regulations
✓ Freight Handling
✓ Safety Precautions
✓ Customer Services
✓ Damage Minimization
✓ Paperwork Management
✓ Truck Inspection


Over The Road Truck Driver
Class A Trucking, Hilo, HI 
• Inspect assigned vehicles to ensure that they are in good working order, and road-worthy.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on assigned trucks to ensure that they remain in good functionality.
• Take and comprehend orders for delivering goods and items to destinations between cities and states.
• Assist loaders in loading goods onto trucks and securing them efficiently to ensure their safety.
• Map short and safe routes to destinations, aimed at ensuring incident-free and efficient delivery.
• Drive assigned trucks on mapped routes, and ensure any issues or problems along the way, are handled in a profound manner.
• Deliver goods to their destinations, obtain customers’ signatures, and ensure that dispatchers are provided with information on delivery statuses.
• Ensured that the delivery truck was driven back to the dispatch area in a timely manner.

Driver Helper
North Trucking Services, Hilo, HI       
• Assisted truck drivers in checking trucks to ensure that they are in good enough shape to brave the road.
• Handled loading and securing of goods and items onto assigned trucks.
• Provided support in mapping routes to destinations, and assisting drivers with navigation work.
• Unloaded items onto customers’ pavements or driveways and ensured that their signatures were obtained on receipts.
• Created and maintained effective liaison with dispatchers to ensure that they are provided with delivery information on a constant basis.

Truck Driving Training
Hawaii State Driving School, Honolulu, HI

High School Diploma
Hilo High School, Hilo, HI – 2009