Newspaper Delivery Driver Job Description for Resume

Updated October 9, 2018

Newspaper Delivery Driver Job Description 

If you’ve never done it before, it is easy to assume that all a delivery driver does is just that – drive. Well, that’s not true! A lot of skills go into being a delivery driver, and if you have experience, all the better. If you don’t, well, you must have a highly developed sense of responsibility, and be friendly, to begin with.

Newspaper Delivery Driver Qualifications

Usually, the only qualification the companies want is a high school or equivalent diploma to hire you as a newspaper delivery driver. If you have experience, you are much more likely to get the job.

Moreover, you must have good stamina because driving long hours can sometimes be exhausting.

Similarly, you should be physically active, as you will need to load and unload the product. As if the product is newspapers or magazines, well, paper can be much heavier than it seems.

You need to be reasonably good at math in order to keep records of when and where you have made deliveries. And you’ll need to keep records of your expenses. For example, if your company gives lunch, you must keep a record of how much you’ve spent on your lunches.

Of course, you must have a valid driver’s license!

newspaper delivery driver job description

So if you want to apply for a position as a newspaper delivery driver, the following Newspaper Delivery Driver Job Description will help you. This is what the job will involve:

Newspaper Delivery Driver Job Description for Resume

• Obtain orders and determine the routes that will need to be followed on a daily basis.

• Prepare assigned truck for delivery purposes, ensuring that it is in good working order.

• Chart short and safe routes to delivery addresses, using the GPS and standard maps.

• Drive a truck over prescribed routes in the city and rural areas.

• Deliver newspapers to outlets and individual subscribers, as well as bus stops, train stops, and airports for shipping.

• Load heavy bundles of papers into the truck and unload them at the destination.

• Collect receipts of each delivery made, and deliver them to the factory the same day if the route has been in the city.

• Keep a record of each delivery made, to hand over to the supervisor at the end of the week.

• Maintain records of expenses, for example, mileage, oil, gas, and expenses for reimbursement, like weekday lunch.

• Collect cash payments in case of rural orders, newsdealers as well as individual subscribers.

• Gather unsold newspapers and assist in crediting newsdealers’ accounts.

• Reviews list of station drops, individual subscribers and dealers when a change in route is determined.

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