Medical Transportation Driver Resume Sample

Updated October 8, 2017


So, it is that time in your life again, when you have no choice but to either update your resume, or rehash it to apply for a new job.

There is no getting out of it.

Look through the following Medical Transportation Driver resume sample to take ideas:





Medical Transportation Driver Resume Example



Henry Roman

45 W 600 S, Bountiful, UT 58585
(000) 145-5232
henry.roman @ email . com


Top-performing Medical Transportation Driver with over 7 years of experience in providing driving services for both non-emergency and emergency situations. Progressively responsible positioning in driving and maintaining assigned vans and transits ensuring that they are ready for pick-ups and transports.

• Demonstrated ability to perform pre-trip inspections on assigned vehicles to ensure that they are fit for the road
• Qualified to assist medical personnel in helping patient embark and disembark vehicles in a safe manner
• Effectively able to place and secure laboratory samples and documents in place within assigned vans
• Highly skilled in performing predictive and preventative maintenance on assigned vehicles


✓ Vehicle Inspection ✓ Activity Logs ✓ Route Mapping
✓ Dispatch Liaison ✓ Preventative Maintenance ✓ Patient Wellbeing
✓ Compassion ✓ Basic Lifesaving Care ✓ State Laws Compliance
✓ Wheelchair Operation ✓ Lab Samples Handling ✓ Paperwork Management


• Successfully transported important laboratory samples to a facility, despite odds such as inclement weather and traffic conditions.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, thereby reducing incidents of midway breakdowns.
• Implemented a vehicle inspection system, which was considered 65% more efficient than the one already being followed.
• Trained 6 other drivers in the use and maintenance of wheelchair lifts, as part of their induction.


Medical Transportation Driver
Century Ambulance Services, Bountiful, UT | 5/2015 – Present
• Obtain information regarding dispatches of medical documents and samples.
• Assist patients in boarding medical vans and transits, ensuring their physical safety and wellbeing.
• Perform pre-trip inspections to ensure that assigned vehicle is in good working order.
• Map short and safe routes to destinations, using both standard maps and the GPS.
• Transport patients, medical professionals, laboratory samples, and medical documents to the right destinations.
• Create and maintain communication with dispatch teams to provide them with information regarding transported patients and documents
• Ascertain that all logs are properly maintained, including driving and transport records
• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on assigned vehicles

Medical Transportation Driver
First Transit, Bountiful, UT  | 2/2010 – 5/2015
• Provided support to medical transportation drivers in performing inspections on assigned vehicles.
• Ascertained that assigned vehicles were properly equipped with required equipment, including wheelchair lifts.
• Assisted in mapping routes to destinations, by making good use of GPS and ordinary maps.
• Performed regular and predictive maintenance on vehicles, ensuring that they are kept clean at all times.
• Created and maintained logs of transports, and ensured that dispatch teams were provided with current information regarding deliveries of medical documents and samples.

Bountiful High School, Bountiful, UT – 2009
High School Diploma