Investigative Analyst Resume Sample

Updated on: October 8, 2017


The best thing that you can do when applying for an Investigative Analyst job is to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest of the resumes that a hiring manager will go through.

This can be done by using the right format, and making sure that the content in it is flawlessly written.

Refer to the resume sample below:




Investigative Analyst Resume Sample



James Green

726 Cross Point Circle, Mathews, NC 21002
(000) 523-8547 @ email . com


Results-oriented Investigative Analyst offering wide-ranging experience in working with law enforcement agencies, and independently to handle long-term investigations, and prosecutions of violent organized crime, including street gangs, major narcotics dealers, and gun traffickers.

Uses public records, law enforcement databases, and social media to research case subjects. Highly skilled in analyzing telecommunication and financial records, to determine case metrics. Able to review evidence, map cell site records, and handle data mining activities.


✓ Database Checks ✓ Case Flow Tracking ✓ Tactical Analysis
✓ Resource Generation ✓ Initiative Analysis ✓ Action Planning
✓ Briefing ✓ Risk Factors Assessment ✓ Internal Controls
✓ Employment Screenings ✓ Bullying Management ✓ Records Handling
✓ Establish Links ✓ Discern Activity Patterns ✓ Assets Identification


✓ Identified a case tangent, which provided case investigators with a huge edge in resolving the case.
✓ Implemented a novel system which proved to be invaluable in performing timely database checks.
✓ Devised a risk factors assessment system, reducing the chances of harm to investigative staff members by 55%.
✓ Successfully installed a data management system, resulting in securing acquired information in a confidential manner.


Investigative Analysis
The Cosmopolitan, Mathews, NC | 3/2010 – Present
• Work with government and law enforcement agencies by providing insight into investigations, and prosecution of organized crime.
• Assist prosecutors in developing conspiracy prosecutions, and perform in-depth searches of investigative targets.
• Collect data relevant to specific units, and use set metrics to analyze it to derive information.
• Create spreadsheets, charts and exhibits for investigative use, and trial preparation.
• Assist in organizing and coordinating wiretap evidence, and ensure that all evidence pieces are stored in a safe place.
• Maintain a consistent and appropriate level of cases, ensuring that reporting data analysis work is properly managed.
• Develop and prepare investigations and relevant documentation, and perform analysis on developed information.
• Ascertain that all investigation and case documentation adheres to company processes, and legal requirements.

Junior Investigative Analyst
Humana, Mathews, NC | 2/2002 – 3/2010
• Collected all required evidence, and provided analysts with assistance in analyzing it based on case metrics.
• Reviewed and evaluated case types and case materials to ensure that they met established guidelines.
• Assisted in evaluating previous investigations to ensure appropriate coverage of the case.
• Developed and maintained exceptional rapport with key members including agencies, clients and law enforcement personnel.
• Created and submitted analytic reports to assist investigators in closing cases.

North Carolina State University, Mathews, NC – 2001
Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Psychology