FedEx Ground Driver Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: July 22, 2020
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When you want to work as a ground/delivery driver at FedEx, your concentration should be on writing a great resume. This will help the hiring manager decide what you have to offer in terms of delivery services, and quality customer contact.

To ensure that your FedEx delivery driver’s resume is perfectly written, concentrate on your accomplishments and skills. Ensure that your resume reflects your skills and experience in picking up packages, and delivering them on time.

Also, emphasize your ability to handle maintenance and repair work on assigned vehicles that you will use for delivery.

A resume sample particularly written for a FedEx delivery driver position is what follows:

FedEx Ground Driver Resume Example

Jared Collins
82 Homer Road, Macon, GA17365
(000) 218-3125

An active and organized individual with a proven track record of making timely deliveries. Unmatched ability to collect items and transport them to the correct destinations. Effectively able to review orders before and after delivery to ensure that they are complete, with accurate information on them.

• Dispatch Liaison
• Package Pick-up
• Payment Handling
• Vehicle Operations
• Map Routing
• Complaint Handling
• Routes Adherence
• Reports Preparation
• Emergency Handling
• Loading and Unloading
• Time Scheduling
• DOT Regulations

• Successfully delivered 50 packages in one day, on a particularly busy day at work.
• Implemented reports preparation system, as a result, decreased logging time by 15%.
• Trained 60 other delivery drivers in safe loading and unloading, and efficient delivery of packages.


Delivery Driver
Amazon, Macon, GA

• Receive 5+ orders per day from dispatch centers and check them for vital information.
• Pick up packages from warehouses, and verify delivery information.
• Load packages onto assigned vehicles, and ensure that they are properly and safely stacked.
• Check assigned vehicles to ensure good working order.
• Map short and efficient routes to delivery destinations using maps and GPS.
• Safely drive the vehicle to destinations and deliver packages as per protocol.
• Collect payments for cash on delivery packages, and tender change and receipts.
• Log payment and delivery information into the system.
• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on delivery vehicles.
• Create reports of deliveries and failed deliveries and timely submit them.

Delivery Driver Helper
Value Express, Macon, GA

• Assisted in preparing vehicles by filling in fuel, and checking and topping up other fluids.
• Mapped correct destination information into the GPS.
• Assisted in loading and unloading packages to and from vehicles.
• Followed delivery schedules and passed on dispatch information.

Current GA State Driver’s License

High School Diploma
Macon High School, Macon, GA – 2009

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