Truck Driver Cover Letter

Updated May 29, 2017

Whatever has been said about the importance of writing good truck driver cover letters up till now is all true. But there is more to it. A cover letter on its own cannot do much – that is, standardized cover letters are not that great at convincing hiring managers of the skills that an applicant possesses.

Standardized cover letters are too “standard” to be able to do much convincing, leaving it up to the hiring manager to make a not so positive impression about the people who wrote them.

Standing out from the crowd is what makes it possible for you to get to the interview stage. Considering that there are so many other people who may be great at writing cover letters, you may fall short if you do not make an extra effort to create a perfect cover letter. There is no solid definition of a perfect cover letter – perfection in a cover letter is directly proportional to what the hiring manager is looking for. So you might end up writing what you believe is the perfect cover letter, but if what you have written in it does not suit the employer, your efforts are wasted.

Always look at what the needs of the prospective company / employer are. Your needs are secondary. To see how you can write a truck driver cover letter that almost perfectly meets the requirements of a prospective employer, refer to the sample below:


Truck Driver Cover Letter Sample


May 29, 2017

Mr. Ray Miller
Hiring Manager
XPO Logistics
4 7th Street N
New York, NY 99250


Dear Mr. Miller:

As a dedicated heavy vehicle driver with successful driving record, I hope to utilize my skills as a Truck Driver at XPO Logistics.

I learnt early in my career that merely driving a truck between destinations does not sum up the work of a truck driver. Over the past 15 years, I have been diligently making deliveries to assigned destinations by driving heavy duty trucks, both within the city and on intercity routes. And during this time, I have been successful in polishing my skills in not just driving the vehicle but also in other areas, the result of which is highlighted below as my qualifications:

✓ Highly experienced in driving heavy duty trucks on assigned routes in a safe and time-efficient manner, with special focus on delivering goods in mint condition.

✓ Qualified to map short and safe routes by making good use of both standards maps and the GPS.

✓ Exceptionally talented at handling delivery-associated paperwork and providing delivery status information to the dock.

✓ Demonstrated ability to perform preventative and regular maintenance on assigned trucks to minimize instances of breakdowns, and ensure increased life of vehicles.

For further details on my ability to contribute to the logistics / delivery end of your organization, I would like to meet with you in person. I will contact your secretary at the end of next week to see if you have a time slot free to interview me.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



Jordan West

(000) 358-9073

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