Music Director Resume Sample

Updated on: March 30, 2022

A music director resume is a short document that contains information about your qualifications and skills. 

You should work hard to write a compelling resume to get the hiring manager’s interest.

A little like what is done in the resume sample below:

Music Director Resume Example

Amelia Gabriel
6550 Broad Street, Newville, PA 67985
(000) 857-8789
ame.gab @ email . com


Accomplished Music Director with a 13-plus-year solid track record of effectively developing, coordinating, and supervising music programs. Proven ability to lead orchestras, bands, choirs, and symphonies in accordance with event details and requirements.

• Able to plan and produce special music concerts and workshops to meet the exact needs of each event.
• Highly skilled in creating melodious musical compositions, in accordance with the requirements of events and clients.
• Competent in handling auditions to determine new musical talent, and effectively cast performers in ensembles.
• Demonstrated ability to direct the recording of performances, and handle rehearsal scheduling activities.

✓ Composition Creation
✓ Music Tracking/Mixing
✓ Events Coordination
✓ Tour Promotions
✓ Talent Acquisition
✓ Band Direction
✓ Lyrics Development
✓ Score Selection
✓ Performance Leads
✓ Musical Presentations

• Directed 3 concerts in one go, all of which were considered highly successful.
• Chosen as a judge for a local talent hunt for aspiring singers, owing to exceptional expertise in determining talented performers.
• Put together The Chorus Boys, a local band that acquired international fame due to their exceptional talent.
• Proved to be invaluable to music production for a Pepsi advertisement, by providing insight and assistance during music tracking and mixing activities.


Music Director
Radio One, Newville, PA
9/2013 – Present
• Develop music compositions for events such as concerts, theater plays, and religious congregations.
• Confer with event managers and clients to determine the type and pace of music that they require.
• Assist music producers in determining music requirements for plays and events by conferring with managers.
• Select the right type of music according to the event, and ensure that all rights are obtained before it is used.
• Select performers and soloists by delving deep into their musical talents and matching their abilities with event requirements.
• Plan and schedule rehearsals and arrange details including locations and required instruments.
• Create musical compositions and melodic lines to adapt them to particular bands.
• Shape concert music by using predefined gestures to communicate the tempo, phrasing, and pitch of performances.

Assistant Music Director
The Roaring Theater, Newville, PA
2/2009 – 9/2013
• Assisted the music director in researching background scores for events, and securing rights to use them.
• Provided support in composing music and writing lyrics for songs and musical pieces.
• Set up musical instruments such as organs, keyboards, guitars, and drums before each public performance.
• Assisted in directing the flow and pitch of music by providing cues and keys to performers.
• Auditioned and selected performers for musical presentations, based on their talents and experience.

Bachelor’s Degree in Music
Newville Music School, Newville, PA – 2008