Licensed Nutritionist Cover Letter Sample

Updated April 5, 2017

Adding a “little extra” to your cover letter always goes a long way in making it a document that is a class apart. Just 15 minutes of extra effort into reviewing a cover letter can help it meander through the often difficult path to the interview stage. Seems simple enough, eh? Not so much. It is easy to say that extra effort should be put into writing a cover letter, but in actuality, this extra effort can be quite a difficult thing to do.

Cover letters that are standardized do not win interviews. In fact, standardized ones hardly ever get read – seasoned employers can easily determine what a cover letter is worth by reading the first line. Here is your hint – open your cover letter with a bang and you can be sure of the fireworks remaining throughout the document. The cover letter is your big chance to impress the hiring manager with not only your skills, but your communication abilities as well.


Licensed Nutritionist Cover Letter Sample


Caren Dunsk
524 Workman Street
Scottsburg, IN 85411
(000) 702-9573
c.dunsk @ email . com

April 5, 2017

Mr. Mark Gibraltar
Human Resource Manager
Center Care Health
10 Grey Road
Scottsburg, IN 19375


Dear Mr. Gibraltar:

Deeply comprehending the need to elicit health and nutrition information to the masses, especially during these times when junk food and unhealthy lifestyle are the norm, I offer my services as a licensed nutritionist to Center Care Health. With extensive experience (7 years) of assessing patients’ nutritional requirements, and providing them with customized diet and nutrition plans, I believe that my addition to your facility will be a welcome one.

Last year, I was able to place 5 patients’ Lupus (SLE – RA) into remission by simply altering their diets and assisting them in adopting healthy lifestyles. This success has led to further research at my end to handle other autoimmune diseases by making careful changes in patients’ diets, the benefit of which I would like Center Care Health to enjoy as well.

Owing to my expertise in effectively connecting with my patients’ primary care physicians (and specialist doctors), and establishing treatment plans (based on nutrition), I am positive that your patients will benefit highly from my insight into providing diet recommendations, handling nutritional assessments and effectively meeting their specific nutritional goals.

To further establish my position as a licensed nutritionist at your facility, I will contact you soon to see if a mutual time can be agreed upon for a meeting. Until then, I can be reached at (999) 999-9999.




Caren Dunsk

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