Animal Nutritionist Resume Sample

Updated: July 26, 2021

Animal Nutritionists use food and nutrition to promote the animal’s health, manage diseases, and manage weight.

Creating a well-written animal nutritionist resume can help you land your next job.

Your resume should outline your relevant experience, as well as your core competencies.

Be sure to include your relevant education and certifications.

Here is a resume sample to help you:

Sample Resume for Animal Nutritionist Position

Nina Jacobs
99 Flock Road, Trenton, NJ 22020
(000) 145-8521
nina.jacobs @ email . com


Passionate animal nutritionist with 13 years of experience in evaluating the chemical and nutritional value of feeds and forage for commercial animals. Highly skilled in formulating diets and rations to maximize the growth reproduction and health of animals under care.

• Researching the effectiveness of dietary regimes in animals.
• Conducting animal-based studies and laboratory trials by following set protocols and procedures.
• Expanding existing ranges of animal food products and developing new ones to meet the dynamic needs of animals.

• Feed Supplements Development • Diet Formulation
• Forage Analysis • Nutritional Disorders
• Animal Study • Feeds Quality Control
• Dietary Regimes Implementation • Laboratory Trials Assistance
• Feeding Systems Value Gauging • Deficiencies Management
• Pet Foods Testing • Feed Formulation


Animal Nutritionist
Dec 2013 – Present
• Maintain quality of animal feeds by 100% by ensuring implementation of specially designed quality control methods.
• Monitor feed formulations to meet quality performances and animal health standards.
• Study the nutritional needs of animals based on individual factors such as ages and breeds.
• Analyze the nutritional values of animal feed products and provide feedback for improvements.
• Formulate balanced rations by ensuring that they meet the nutritional and caloric requirements of animals.
• Determine adjustments to animals’ diets by assessing the fatness or thinness of diets.
• Analyze nutritional disorders in animals and provide suggestions for filling nutritional voids.
• Work with pet owners to formulate diet plans that meet the specific requirements of their pets.
• Research the effectiveness of dietary plans and monitor feed formulations to ensure conformance to standards.
• Provide advice on nutrition to pet owners, farmers, and veterinarians.

Animal Nutritionist Assistant
STABLES, Trenton, NJ 
Mar 2008 – Dec 2013
• Implemented a pets food testing procedure that determined sparse ingredients that may result in nutritional deficiencies in animals.
• Created a series of diet plans for pets and pasture animals, designed specifically to meet their specific needs.
• Assisted in conducting animal-based studies and evaluating the chemical and nutritional value of feeds.
• Provided assistance in formulating diet plans to meet the individual needs of animals.
• Researched the effectiveness of different diet regimes in animals and provided feedback regarding results and findings.
• Monitored feed formulations and provided input regarding quality control.
• Assisted in investigating nutritional disorders and provided support in devising safe methods of feed storage.

Bachelor’s Degree in Biosciences