Graphic Designer Resume: 2 Samples [+Job Description & Skills]

Updated on: April 29, 2023

The aesthetically placed advertisements that we see on television or on billboards and the beautiful designs we see on websites are all works of graphic designers who work diligently for hours to think of concepts and put their ideas forward.

Graphic designers work for many different types of companies and handle many kinds of design projects.

They analyze and create visual solutions for companies in a bid to help promote products and services.

Everybody cannot be a graphic designer; even if you have a keen interest in design, if you lack the eye for it, you will not be able to do it.

Working as a graphic designer will require you to possess a degree in design, along with some expertise in handling design software.

Graphic designers confer with their clients to figure out what each client’s particular graphic design needs are and then create possible visual solutions.

There are many different types of projects that graphic designers work on, including designing websites/games, promotional packages, logos, and magazine layouts.

A graphic designer resume is a snapshot of your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and relevant experiences. 

Here are 2 sample resumes for the graphic designer position.

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Graphic Designer Resume Sample 1

David Maslow
Beaverton, OR
(000) 213-3424


Committed to getting things done

Creative, versatile, and multi-talented Graphic Designer with 8+ years’ solid track record of increasing client satisfaction by developing contemporary and state-of-the-art computerized graphic visuals. Strong expertise in presentation, design development, and layout enhancement. Competent at understanding the client’s requirements and grasping what needs to be done.

• Digital Imaging • Layout Review
• Concept Development
• Photography • Motion Graphics
• Layout Enhancement • Design Development

• Secured a marketing graphic consultancy project worth $50K for the company through the development of competitive layouts and digital plans and strong presentations of the same.
• Devised various culture-specific content for international campaigns with enhanced visual optimizations.
• Independently developed layout and design for 15+ promotional websites for various clients.


Graphic Designer
ABC LLC, Beaverton, OR
• Meet with clients, determine their needs and expectations, and plan the project by actively participating in brainstorming sessions
• Develop thematic graphic content for marketing purposes as per client requirements
• Generate digital layouts using InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create aesthetically appealing visual content
• Take direction from managers and utilize design skills to create a vision.
• Iterate, revise, and produce the final art product
• Collaborate with team and stakeholders to develop individual concepts
• Work in a non-linear and prompt manner to create appealing designs
• Evangelize the current design industry trends and technologies

Assistant Graphic Designer
Compass Group, Beaverton, OR
• Determined the size and arrangement of illustrative material for marketing purposes
• Developed logos, poster layouts, and commercial content as instructed
• Expanded on alternative project layouts and forwarded the same for approval
• Designed images for web, tradeshows, events, and social media

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Designing
Orlando Technical College, Beaverton, OR

• Web Designing
• Adobe Suite
• Quark Xpress
• Windows/Mac OSX

AIGA American Institute of Graphic Arts – Beaverton, OR

ISGD International Society for Graphic Designers – Beaverton, OR

“I am self-motivated and independent, ready to take on new graphics design challenges.”

Graphic Designer Resume Sample 2

Alvina Anderson
Atlanta, GA
(000) 524-9656


Creative and hardworking professional with 7+ years of dedicated experience in the graphic designing industry. Working knowledge of design principles, practices, and methods of digital art, production procedures, printing system, and industry terminology.

• Thorough understanding of repeats in Photoshop as well as Illustrator.
• Proven ability to predict the latest industry trends and able to translate them back into the bottom line.
• Extremely innovative individual: Able to produce extraordinary design and product innovation.
• Excellent communicator
• Able to fully understand design briefs.
• Multi-tasking to ensure customer requirements are met on time.

• Photoshop
• Illustrator
• InDesign
• Dreamweaver
• Quark Xpress
• Acid Pro


Graphic Designer
International Greetings USA – Atlanta, GA
Feb 2017 – Present
• Expand the scope of traditional graphic designing at International Greetings USA by introducing new techniques
• Perform a wide variety of graphic design functions and tasks employing applications from the Adobe suite such as Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop, and Acrobat)
• Create, plan, prepare, design, and generate a wide variety of visual materials
• Design solo and multi-page, solo, and multi-color publication layouts.
• Maintain an advanced trend review continually

Graphic Designer Assistant
Taylor Global Inc. – New York, NY 
Jan 2013 – Feb 2017
• Assisted in creating the overall look of marketing campaigns
• Helped in developing general program concepts
• Designed and produced exclusive PowerPoint presentations
• Printed production of collateral to implement campaigns
• Coordinated with print vendors

B.S., Graphic Designing – 2009
City College of NY, New York, NY

“I have the ability to listen and understand the requirements of customers quickly, diplomatically, and courteously.”

Sample Job Duties for Graphic Designer Resume

  • Create promotional displays such as hoardings, brochures, and packaging.
  • Produce new ideas and concepts and introduce them to clients.
  • Develop concepts and layouts for illustrations and websites.
  • Prepare rough drafts of projects and take feedback from clients.
  • Ensure that an array of ideas are recorded to provide a portfolio to new clients.
  • Meet with marketing teams to determine goals and develop creative concepts to meet those goals.
  • Discuss the client’s need for the visual presentation of products or services.
  • Select an array of colors and images to show clients and assist them in choosing the correct items for their projects.
  • Discuss clients’ budgets and provide them with information on what can be done within the set budget.
  • Suggest print production, styles, formats, and time frames.
  • Make changes to designs on instructions provided by clients.
  • Liaise with printing companies to ensure that proper colors, fonts, and labels are used in each design project.
  • Suggest the type of ink and paper that needs to be used for each design project to be printed.
  • Ensure that all designs are interactive in a manner, especially banners and ads.
  • Edit and enhance images to make sure that they comply with the design directives provided by the client.
  • Proofread all content on designs before being sent off for printing.

Graphic Designer Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Requirements gathering
  • Proposals handling
  • Design and print production
  • Size Determination
  • Drafts Preparation
  • Errors Removal
  • Digital Imaging
  • Layout Review
  • Concept Development
  • Photography
  • Layout Enhancement
  • Design Development
  • Marketing Support
  • Create and produce dynamic multimedia presentations
  • Evaluation
  • Image Administration
  • Editing
  • Data Visualization
  • Info Graphics

Technical Skills

  • Web Designing
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Quark Xpress
  • Windows/Mac OSX
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign

Soft Skills

  • Aesthetic Sense
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Interpersonal
  • Work under pressure
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Multitasking

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