Top 5 Graphic Designer Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: June 19, 2020

Choosing the best graphic designer out of a pool of excellent candidates can be quite a task for hiring managers.

However, applicants can increase their chances of being chosen if they play their cards well. Writing a good summary to begin your resume is one way to do this.

In your resume summary for a graphic designer position, your focus should be on skills and competencies related to design elements. But this is not it. You should also focus on your knowledge of performing research, in accordance with designs that you have to make.

Since clients will be your most prized possessions, you must ensure that their choice and likes are factored in when creating a design. Your resume summary must reflect communication and interpersonal skills.

As far as the format of the resume summary is concerned, there is no hard and fast rule. It is best to make it big and not long.

The information which you place in it should align with the hiring manager’s requirements.

Some examples of summaries for a graphic designer resume are provided here:

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Graphic Designer Resume Summary Examples

1. Competent and creative Graphic Designer, with 8+ years of experience in conceptualizing visuals based on clients’ requirements. Unmatched ability to create images and layouts by hand, and by using design software. Familiar with testing graphics across various media in order to ensure impact efficacy.

2. Top-performing Graphic Designer with extensive experience in studying design briefs and identifying clients’ requirements. Demonstrated expertise in preparing rough drafts and presenting ideas. Well-versed in developing illustrations, and logos amongst other graphics in synchronization with clients’ requirements and specifications.

3. Resourceful and highly insightful individual, boasting 10+ years of solid track record in graphic designing. Qualified to advise clients on design strategies to reach out to new and existing customers. Effectively able to determine messages each design should portray. Hands-on experience in using tools and software to create and present high-quality designs to customers.

4. Experienced Graphic Designer, offering success in delivering design elements that receive high praise and circulation. Proficient in selecting the right colors, mages, text styles, and layouts to complement each design. Proven ability to incorporate changes into original designs based on clients’ instruction.

5. A strategic-thinking individual with excellence in liaising with clients to determine their design requirements. Adept at managing clients’ proposals from typesetting to print and production. In-depth knowledge of developing concepts and layouts for illustrations, logos, and websites.

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