Graphic Designer Achievements Examples for Resume

Updated October 31, 2019

A graphic designer who has no achievements is not a graphic designer at all.

At least, that is how hiring managers see this. Working at this post, your resume should highlight what you have accomplished in the past.


Achievements can be anything that you did, which had a significant positive effect on the company that you are working for.

In a graphic designer role, you can mention the time when you created a design that won a national award, or something similar.

In the bad news department, achievements are notoriously difficult to write in a resume.

But the good news is that we are here to provide pointers. Picking out achievements can be challenging, but doable.


During your present or previous experience as a graphic designer, you must have done something that you can mention as achievements in your resume. If you haven’t kept a record, this might be a problem. Look back and determine your successes as best as you can.

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Some examples of achievements for a graphic designer resume are provided here:

Graphic Designer Achievements Examples

• Successfully handled 3 graphic designing projects side by side, delivering all of them within the deadline.

• Implemented a unique color choosing system, as a result, decreased color selection time by 65%.

• Suggested introduction of party printables, consequently increasing sales by 50%.

• Devised a series of design schemes to help clients reach their audiences.

• Singlehandedly incorporated changes into a design, which was made by another graphic designer.

• Oversaw the work of an entire design team of 30 individuals, for a colossal design project for the US government.

• Implemented a new way of studying client concepts, reducing the processing time by 50%.

• Trained 42 newly hired graphic designers in working with Adobe Creative Suite, and Design Bing.

• Enhanced the readability of a Pepsi board advertisement, by selecting and using the right size and font of the core message.

• Consistently met deadlines for all creative work between the years 2015 and 2018.

• Chosen as the only designer in Richmond, VA to work on a music-themed restaurant’s print products.

• Suggested incorporation of 2 media designs, hence, increased interest in the company’s services.

• Picked from a designer pool of 50 to solely work on a large multinational marketing and promotional campaign for Decent Interiors.

• Successfully developed liaison with 50+ printers within the city, resulting in decreased costs for the company.

• Coordinated efforts of artists, web designers, printers, and marketers, therefore, received high commendation for exceptional efforts in a marketing campaign.

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