Top 12 Graphic Artist Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: October 12, 2020
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Strengthening a resume by using the information on your skills and how effectively you can use them, is nothing new. People have been doing it forever.

However, some make the mistake of writing skills in a way that they make little or no sense to the person reading it. Linking your key skills to workplace experience is important when mentioning them on resumes.

Mostly, Graphic Artist skills fall into 3 categories:

1. Transferable skills:
Skills that have been acquired in one workplace but can be used across many platforms

2. Job-related Skills:
Skills that are specific to the job or trade that you have been employed in, or may receive while being part of an organization.

3. Adaptive Skills:
Personality traits that are hard to quantify because they are inherent and do not relate to actual learning.

For most companies, all 3 are important. An amalgamation of these three is what will get you a job. Showing commercial awareness and impressing employers with your communication skills is imperative.

Your best avenue to do this is to show them by carefully crafting phrases and sentences that define your skills explicitly, and then placing them strategically in your resume.

A few ways of how this can be done are provided below:

Graphic Artist Hard Skills Statements for Resume

  1. Demonstrated expertise in determining clients’ specific design requirements and providing them with correlating sketches and mind maps
  2. Highly experienced in developing interactive multimedia instructions based on clients’ specifications
  3. Unmatched ability to create custom professional graphics, freehand drawings, and animations for use in web-based applications
  4. Deeply familiar with producing detailed illustrations for proposals and designing graphics for specific projects
  5. Effectively able to provide recommendations for visual depictions of information for maximum appeal and impact
  6. Able to identify vendors for printing products by ensuring that chosen or shortlisted ones have a reputation for providing quality work
  7. Demonstrated expertise in creating and visualizing ideas graphically for both print and web media
  8. Competent in planning and designing production of graphics used for instructional aides and multi-image presentation
  9. Proficient in the coordination of the production workflow of periodicals, brochures, and manuscripts, along with other web and print media publications
  10. Proven ability to monitor and adhere to production schedules by ensuring that design workflow is properly channelized
  11. First-hand experience in providing expertise and creative direction from inception of ideas to final production to ensure the highest quality deliverables
  12. Exceptional teamwork skills aimed at working with creative managers to develop first-class design solutions