6 Floral Designer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 27, 2022

When you are being interviewed for a position that requires you to be creative, such as that of a floral designer, the pressure is higher than usual.

You will not only need to show how good you are at what you do but also how your aesthetic abilities kick in when you are performing your job duties.

When appearing for a floral designer interview, you will have to make sure that you readily live up to the expectations of the interviewer.

First things first – look at the following set of interview questions and answers for a floral designer position:

Floral Designer Interview Questions and Answers

1. What made you decide to take up a career as a floral designer?

For someone who loves nature as much as I do, taking up a career such as this was the natural thing to do. Why I took up working as a floral designer particularly, probably has to do with my love for flowers and plants, and my ability to work wonders in arranging them for clients.

2. As a floral designer, what has been your greatest achievement?

I believe that the floral display that I arranged for the Emmy Awards last year was my greatest achievement. The entire stage and entrance were floral-themed, and I was asked to handle the entire arrangement by myself. It was challenging, yet satisfying to be able to do something that big.

3. What is your specific floral designing skill?

Most of the clients that I have are recurrent ones who bring their business to me because I can create any design out of flowers and plants. This includes large thematic displays and small arrangements that go well with the clients’ specific themes or likes.

4. What is the one thing that you look at particularly before you design a floral arrangement?

I make sure that I understand everything that the client is looking for. I engage him or her in a detailed conversation to decipher what is required so that I can do justice to the job. What the client wants is what he gets.

5. What happens when a client wants something that you cannot do, or do not like doing?

Like everyone else, I also have my limitations. If there is something that I cannot do, I make it clear that I cannot. If a client asks me to do something that I know will not look good, I politely decline.

6. As far as managing a floral shop is concerned, do you have any experience?

Yes, I do. I have worked in a floral shop for 5 years and know exactly how to manage floral displays, price both natural and plastic flowers and plants, look after the displays, create bouquets according to the clients’ requirements, and handle vendor relations to ensure timely supplies, and operate and balance the POS system.

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