Registered Dental Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 10, 2022

Dental assistants work in dental facilities or hospitals to provide dental clinics.

Their job is to ensure the provision of dental care as per the instructions of the dentist. Since this is a support role, they are required to assist the dentist at the chairside and with the clerical work of the office.

The purpose of a cover letter for a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) is to direct the reader toward your enclosed résumé. Through a cover letter, hiring managers see your interest in the position and organization as well as assess your written communication skills.

Take a look at the following sample to see what skills a registered dental assistant should mention in the cover letter.

Registered Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example

665 Fitch Way
Princeton, NJ 73736

November 10, 2022

Mr. Geoffrey Gordan
Manager HR
DDS Dental Hospital
6 Wakefield Road
Princeton, NJ 65243

Dear Mr. Gordan:

I am excited to offer my services as a Registered Dental Assistant to DDS Dental Hospital.

As noted in the enclosed resume, I have had the opportunity to work in different dental assistance capacities through which I have learned more complex procedures in dental care. I have the ability to provide dental health education to patients and use sound judgment while performing dental assisting procedures. My calm but alert disposition makes it easy for me to recognize dental emergencies. Additionally, I am an expert in setting up procedure tables and am talented enough to impart instructions to patients about pre and post-operative care. Over and above, I can promote an atmosphere that is favorable to good dental health.

I would like to meet with you in person to discuss your expectations from the Registered Dental Assistant role. I will call you during the first week of February to set up an appointment. In the interim, if you need any further information from my side, I can be contacted at (000) 009-9140.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Belinda Junior