Prosthodontist Resume Sample (Job Description, Skills)

Updated: October 26, 2022

A prosthodontist is a dental expert who possesses great insight into diagnosing and treating oral diseases and deformities. Typically, it is the job of a prosthodontist to measure and take impressions of patients’ jaws and teeth to determine what shape and size of dental prosthesis should be manufactured, and to replace missing teeth and associated oral structures.

Working as a prosthodontist requires one to possess a degree in dentistry, along with some experience in working in this capacity.

Prosthodontists may work in hospitals or dedicated dental facilities – some even have their own practices. Many people initially working as dental assistants opt to take up a career as a prosthodontist.

A Prosthodontist resume is just a document that provides insight into a candidate who has applied for a Prosthodontist job. But this document needs to be written in a manner that is nothing less than brilliant.

Here is a sample for you to base your prosthodontist resume:

Prosthodontist Resume Example

Harry Stole
45 Yates Road
Auburn, NH 49632
(000) 521-7520
harrystole @ email . com


Highly experienced dental professional with deep insight into designing and fabricating dental prostheses and replacing missing teeth and associated oral structures. Exceptionally talented at making wax models of prostheses and supervising dental technicians to ensure appropriate assistance. Collaborated with dentists and specialists to develop extraordinary solutions to dental and oral concerns.

✓ Anesthesia Administration ✓ Teeth Replacement
✓ Denture Relining and Rebasing ✓ Bonding Technology
✓ Treatment Plans Establishment ✓ Dental Impressions
✓ Pain Management ✓ Function Restoration
✓ Prosthesis Fitting ✓ Discoloration Management
✓ Teeth Straightening ✓ Fabrication
✓ Dentures and crowns ✓ Bridges Measurement

• Successfully reconstructed an entire jawline for a crash victim whose teeth were completely smashed due to impact.
• Introduced constructive surgery at a dental center, which was initially limited to providing basic dental services
• Implemented a series of pain management directives, reducing complaints from patients by a staggering 55%.
• Restored all dental functions for a client, suffering from the terrible effects of an autoimmune disease.


360 Care, Auburn, NH
2017 – Present
• Interview patients to determine their dental problems, delving deep into symptoms and causes
• Examine patients through the use of x-rays and other diagnostic equipment, aiming to determine the exact issue
• Create charts of patients’ mouths, take measurements for prosthesis, and make wax models of dentures and crowns
• Coordinate with lab companies to ensure that prostheses are properly and timely manufactured
• Place and fit prosthesis in patients’ mouths and make appropriate adjustments as required
• Repair, rebase and reline dentures and administer anesthesia for painful procedures
• Prescribe medication including painkillers and antibiotics, to ensure quick healing
• Use veneers to hide tooth defects and perform bleaching work to whiten teeth

Dental Assistant
Westmed Medical Group, Auburn, NH
2011 – 2017
• Greeted patients and performed patient registration activities according to protocols
• Performed initial assessments of patient’s teeth to determine causes of dental problems and diseases
• Created and maintained patients’ charts and records in an accurate and confidential manner
• Prepared patients for dental procedures and surgeries by educating them about what to expect during the process
• Assisted dentists with surgeries and procedures by laying out dental equipment and instruments and taking and developing dental x-rays

Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry
Auburn Dental College, Auburn, NH | 2010

Prosthodontist Job Description for Resume

Typical work duties of an individual working as a prosthodontist include:

• Interview patients to determine their specific dental problems and diseases, and document all provided information.

• Perform diagnostic activities to determine causes of dental problems and diseases, using a wide variety of diagnostic equipment and instruments.

• Create and implement plans of action to meet patients’ needs regarding teeth replacement and bridging.

• Place veneers onto teeth in order to conceal defects and repair, rebase and reline dentures.

• Inspect jaws and mouths to determine causes of pain and develop and implement correlating pain management programs.

• Change tooth shape and close gaps using bonding technology and design and fabricate dental prosthesis.

• Fit the prosthesis and make necessary adjustments to ensure comfort and appropriate fits.

• Measure and take impressions of patients’ jaws and teeth in order to determine the shape and size of dental prostheses.

• Replace missing teeth and other oral structures with permanent fixtures including crowns, bridges, and removable dentures.

• Perform complex dental restorations and perform bleaching activities to brighten and whiten patients’ smiles.

• Administer anesthesia and prescribe medication such as antibiotics and painkillers to assist with quick healing and pain management.

Prosthodontist Skills for Resume

Placing information in the skills section of a Prosthodontist resume is somewhat tricky. However, it can be done if you know exactly what purpose this section serves.

The main idea behind filling the Prosthodontist skills section in a resume to the brim is to communicate how high your professional capacity is.

The more that you talk about yourself in terms of skills and competencies, the higher your chances of being shortlisted for an interview.

When one is writing a prosthodontist resume, one’s main concern is to convince a hiring manager to at least call one in for an interview.

Competition is tough, which is why your job application documents should be at par with what other candidates have to offer – better yet, much more profound than what the others offer.

Here is a skills list that can be used on a resume for a prosthodontist’s position:

  1. Engaging patients in conversation
  2. Performing diagnostic activities
  3. Taking oral/dental impressions
  4. Creating prostheses
  5. Coordinating with lab companies
  6. Placing and aligning prostheses
  7. Repairing, relining, and rebasing dentures
  8. Altering the shape of teeth
  9. Administering anesthesia
  10. Conducting surgical procedures
  11. Diagnosing and treating facial pain
  12. Placing veneers onto teeth