Prosthodontist Cover Letter Sample

Updated May 17, 2017

Cover letters for Prosthodontist position are written following much thought. You cannot just write a cover letter for the sake of writing one – they serve a purpose for which they should be absolutely ready before they reach the hiring manager’s desk. What purpose? Impression – cover letters are written primarily to make a positive impression on a hiring manager, who is actively looking for an individual to hire, whom he can trust and from whom he can extract work.

A Prosthodontist cover letter is not only used to make a positive first impression on a prospective employer. It is also the job of a cover letter to make sure that the hiring manager understands that the candidate is worth his time – and a job at his company. The more information that you provide in your resume about your skills and abilities, the better your chances of being called in for an interview.

A cover letter sample to help you is provided below:


Prosthodontist Cover Letter Sample


524 Ritchie Cr
Auburn, NH 41255

May 17, 2017

Mr. Jacob Ross
Human Resource Manager
Clear Choice Dental Implant Center
4450 Wilsons Road
Auburn, NH 99850


Dear Mr. Ross:

360 Dental Care has enjoyed the benefit of my services as a prosthodontist for over 8 years. At this point in time, I would like Clear Choice Dental Implant Center to benefit from my skills and experience in cosmetic restoration and replacement of teeth, following a series of fabrication of maxillofacial prosthesis. For further details on my qualifications and experience, please refer to the enclosed resume.

Possessing exceptional exposure to placing veneers onto teeth in order to conceal defects, repairing, relining and rebasing dentures, and treating facial pain and jaw joint problems, you will find me hands-on in all these areas – and more. In addition to all this, I possess the ability to use bonding technology on the surface of teeth, where gap closing or tooth shape changing is required. Designing and fabricating dental prosthesis and ensuring that they fit patients properly are also my strong points. Having been extensively trained in measuring and taking impressions of patients’ jaws and teeth to determine the shape and size of prosthesis, using a variety of dental instruments such as dental articulators, face bows and recording devices, I am a cut above many others working in this field.

Why I believe that hiring me as a prosthodontist at Clear Choice Dental Implant Center will be a good decision is something that I would like to elaborate on further when I meet with you in person. I will call to set an interview time soon, and can be reached at (000) 854-9654 if you require further information.




Susan Halt

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