Logistics Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 18, 2017

Overview and Guidelines

In past, cover letter writing was considered as one of the easiest things. Now, writing a cover letter is more difficult than building a resume. Employers just do not settle for mediocre anymore – and their standards keep getting higher and higher. How does one keep up? One researches what employers of the 21st century are looking for and then given them exactly what they require.

Cover letters are documents that highlight a candidate’s abilities and achievements – do not put in too much information about your experience as a hiring manager can gauge that from your resume as well.

Reiterating information already provided in your resume when writing a cover letter is a definite no. Walk a step further and focus on your abilities rather than what you have done in the past. Think about the future. What do you have to offer? What are your work-related accomplishments? How will you contribute positively once hired? Concentrate on these areas and your cover letter will be favored by the hiring manager.

Sample ahead!


Logistics Clerk Cover Letter Sample


215 Jones Dr
Marion, OH 45211

May 18, 2017

Mr. Reginald Shatner
Human Resource Manager
Vaco Inc.
963 Brookpark Avenue
Marion, OH 60021


Dear Mr. Shatner:

I am deeply interested in filling the open position of a logistics clerk at Vaco Inc. While going through the requirements that you have posted in the careers section on your website, I could not help but make a powerful comparison between what you need and all that I have to offer. Over 10 years of experience in administering and maintaining the acquisition, deployment and supply of stock for warehousing and manufacturing, I am confident that my resume will be of high interest to you.

Having proactively performed activities to regulate supply chains such as ensuring that inventory levels are correct, and purchasing items for the company, my addition to your team will definitely be beneficial to your organization. Creating and validating product workflow from origin to customers, ordering and stocking supplies, checking in and unloading incoming shipments, and ensuring conformity of received items with work orders are my strong points. Furthermore, I possess deep insight into coordinating logistics to ensure timely and accurate transportation of finished products to customers.

Since I possess exceptional communication and organizational skills, along with great proficiency in working without supervision, I am positive that hiring me will be a good decision. I would like to build up further on the information that I have provided here, in a face to face meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you in an interview.




Fredrick Mason

(000) 541-9058