Dental Student Resume Sample

Updated September 11, 2022
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Writing a resume when most of your experience and achievements are in an “academic” frame might be challenging.

However, there is no rule that says that a good resume cannot be written if you are a student. In fact, some positions require you to not have experience.

If the last time that you held a job was as an intern or extern, you may have to pay a little more attention to writing your resume, as compared to when you write one for an experienced position.

The good news is that you do not have to write a long resume to convince the hiring manager of your worth. Instead, write a resume that is wholesome and concise.

Here is a sample:

Dental Student Resume Example

Grace Tanner
18 Easy Street
Scottsburg, IN 19852
(000) 193-2504
grace.tanner @ email . com


Resourceful Dental Student with hands-on skills in performing dental examinations on patients, placing special focus on determining oral/dental diseases and conditions, and providing corresponding care and advice. Competent in advising patients regarding preventative dental care and the causes and treatments of dental problems.


• Qualified to perform dental procedures such as cleaning, scaling, and prophylaxis
• Skilled in diagnosing and treating oral diseases and injuries, by making good use of dental instruments
• Proven ability to conduct oral cancer screenings and amalgam and composite restorations

✓ X-ray Interpretation ✓ Preventative Care
✓ Socket Preservation ✓ Oral Surgeries
✓ Root Canal Handling ✓ Denture Construction
✓ Patient Education ✓ Emergency Dental Care

Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry
Placerville Dental College, Scottsburg, IN
Expected Completion Date: Aug 2023
• Continuously stood at the top of all course classes, maintaining a 99% score in each term.
• Made the Dean’s list 3 times in a row owing to exceptional contribution in class and to the school in terms of academics and representation.



Dental Intern
Dental Aesthetics, Scottsburg, IN
May 2022 – Sep 2022
• Assisted lead dentist by laying out instruments and supplies before each dental procedure
• Examined patients’ teeth and gums to determine oral hygiene problems or diseases and conditions
• Provided dentists with information on patient’s medical histories before each examination and procedure
• Assisted dentists in handling dental procedures such as root canals, denture placement, and scaling and cleaning
• Ensured that all instruments were properly sterilized at the end of each procedure, and stored in a proper manner

• Axium
• Emago
• Digital Imaging

• Dentistry International Conference, San Diego, CA