Billing Clerk Cover Letter Example

Updated on March 3, 2018

When sending your resume for a billing clerk position, always remember to include a cover letter.

A billing clerk cover letter elaborates your abilities and interest to work for the prospective employer. It is an opportunity to compose some compelling content to convince the hiring manager that you are the right candidate for the position.

It is also a chance for the candidate to build rapport with the employer before meeting – thus enhancing opportunities of an interview call.

Since a cover letter is sent for a specific job it is advisable to mention some of your relevant skills/ experience in the letter as well; not in much detail because the resume is already doing that for you, but lightly touching areas of relevant expertise is advisable.

Following is an excellent example of cover letter for a billing clerk job.


Billing Clerk Cover Letter Sample


Helena Gates
65 North Lane Ste 31
Columbus, OH 43215
(022) 999-8888

March 3, 2018

Mr. Clark Jones
Precision Medical Billing
72 Main Street 33d Ave
Columbus, OH 40555


Dear Mr. Jones:

I am writing this letter in response to your company’s job advertisement sighted in daily ‘Times’ on 13th of November. I am quite excited about this position since my skills and qualifications seem to be an exact match to your job requirements.

While working at Guttenberg Associates in the capacity of a billing clerk, I took complete responsibility of all assigned accounting tasks including accurate and timely billing, posting of financial claims, the closing of the company’s assets, reconciliation of the amount with bank statements and supervision of the inflowing cash. My skills as an accounting clerk were very beneficial to the company which is evident from my achieved awards and bonuses from the company.

As is evident from my skills and expertise section of the enclosed resume, I possess enormous potential to accelerate the growth of your company further utilizing my knowledge and experience. I will call your office later this week to set up an interview date. In the interim, if you have any queries, kindly contact me at (022) 999-8888.

Thank you for your consideration.



Helena Gates

Enclosed. Resume